Prosecutors Strengthening Case Saying Singer tried to cover up incriminating sex tapes

Out 2 Get R. Kelly

So, here we are again with yet another great and seriously enlightening thoughts of, and awareness from the artist 4 the people.
To some of what is taking place when it comes to those who are, and have been a part of the major music, entertainment industry. Something that shows to have a lot going on and taking place when it comes to either or. If it ain’t some mess going on on the rapper side, you definitely gone hear and see something popping when it comes to the singer, and or celebrity side.

R. Kelly On Trial Again?

Take R. Kelly’s situation. On trial again? Y…ep! I knew about the trial, but haven’t really been following it, but yes I been knew about it. Well, I ran across a post/article read and decided to share my thoughts on it, and the article/link to it with my Subscribers, Followers/Readers for awareness purposes. It’s now being said that, ole’ R. Kelly is on trial for a 13 count Indictment in regards to child pornography and obstruction of justice charges?

Now why would such a well-known, very liked and famous black man/African American man/singer, and or celebrityif you would like to place him in that category” be caught up in such messy madness and accused of such?

Noooooo….. Not R. Kelly! He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t “Jeopardize“, and compromise his very successful career,Life, Liberty, pursuit to happiness and reputation by doing such would he? Or would he?

Would he really go as far as to do what they’re making their case on, which is the covering: “Meaning to hide” up a trail that would lead to what he’s accused of having, which is sex-tapes (Child Pornography) that would most likely connect and incriminate him?

Prosecutors Want 2 Win

Yes yes, they are attempting to bring it all together if they can, and see to it that, whatever they have planned sticks like gorilla glue.They want a high profile win!

What Are You Receiving

And if they do then; my question to y’all is this. For you, what are you getting from it, what is it showing? I mean clearly we know that it’s far from a good look, but what else? What else could a picture like this show to project as a message?

Is there a message? Yes, I would say so, and for you as well as self, it would cross one’s mind to how. How, and why are they now all of sudden wanting to do this to him? And one of my replies would be what I’ve been touching on and expressing for the longest.

“They build you up just 2 break you down.”

Build You Up Just 2 Break You Down

And from what I’ve read so far, and listened to is how they “The Jury” heard testimony from a man who was hired by R. Kelly’s business manager, and a private investigator to retrieve a tape that may be incriminating, and damaging to R. Kelly. A tape that was said to be in Atlanta, and had a young lady and R. Kelly having sex, urinating on her, and then putting lotion on her face of a girl appearing to be 14?! Not only that, but the guy hired testified that he had quite a few disputes when it came time for him to get paid for his work to retrieve the tape, and eventually had to sue, and was later settled.

Kell, Kell, Kell. Please say it ain’t so Kell’s

Thoughts from The Artist 4 the People

There’s soooo… much more that I could type, but I’ll leave it up to y’all to read more of the testimony. The star witness and mother testified to sexual assault, being threatened and being paid off to cover it up.

Now, lemme make self very clear. I’m not doing this post to tear guy down any more than what either he or others are already showing to do. “Oh, he did it to himself” is super easy for me, to say. But, that’s not why I’m taking the time to do this post. I’m doing it because these are some of the type of issues that I care about and tend to raise awareness on when it comes to black people, celebrity mess. I can’t stress it more to how much it hurts, and kinda hard it is to have to even touch on situations when it comes to the madness that our people show to be caught up in especially one’s like this.

And though it’s somewhat difficult for me, to lay my thoughts down about it, I have to. Why? Because I have to ask self the question: “So, is this what it leads up to, and why black people want to be free?” This is how black people show to act when they reach that level of success, get money and fame, and then how it ends? The type who are seen to be in good, and great positions of power, influence, and looked at as leaders and upright not just in black communities but throughout the United States of America, other countries etc?

No? Well, I think so, and we see it all the time do we not? There’s so much to say in regards to this situation. And again, I’m only speaking my thoughts and peace on it, I still stand on the rule of Innocent until proven otherwise, but there is also a such thing as Guilty until proven otherwise. Either-way, if this all did take place, it’s WRONG and it’s more wrong when you have those with great power who know they have it, but yet show to fall to the temptations that lead to abuse of it, and showing no responsibility. Not only that, but I also have to ask self how it makes the image look as one of the many representatives when it comes to singers/artist doing it for Chicago.

The Acts of Successful Blacks People

Is this anything new? And does it have to happen. Sometimes it makes me feel like there are those who want us to accept it being seen as okay by the showing of favoritism. “What do you mean by that Rilla?” Something you might have just asked yourself am I right? Is it not possibly true by very well-known fact that, you have the type who wouldn’t mind this stuff continuing when it comes to some black people, for the sake of the not so good acts of successful black people not be spoken on?

Why? Because according to them, you’re tearing down and talking bad about successful black people who clearly cannot be looked at as being, and doing no wrong. And if they do, shhhh…. black folk not supposed to speak on other black folks misguiding ways and acts. So basically there are those black people are not the same, and are placed in a different class, supported and stuck up for as long as their successful, famous built up image and a rich nigga? Are black people really out here on this? As much as this: “slavery, rights violated, treated unfairly and how these Caucasian European “White People” hate, killing our people and don’t care” always find it’s way of flying out of the mouths of some of Black African Americans to how bad it was for and is for our people.

And let’s not forget the whole black excellence black wealth rich nigga talk only for the image to be projected as what in the end? All by design? Or, is this what the most high almighty G-d needs black people to see, and know. #CanUimagine

When A Chief Speaks

Article Source CBS News Chicago

R. Kelly trial: Prosecutors continue to make case that singer tried to cover up incriminating sex tapes

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