Quando Rondo Was Reportedly Shot In Georgia And Is In Stable Condition

This came across my feed so, being that this is yet another one of y’all favorite rappers, I thought I’d share this post with those who would like to read more about it.

Me personally, it’s bothersome to one’s Spirit to have to see what I see, and feel how I feel when it comes to these type of very serious situations. For some, it just may be looked at as now the norm, Kool and the new thing to want to do when it comes to being out out in the streets and getting shot.

Jimmy Fontaine It has been reported that rapper Quando Rondo was shot in Georgia on Friday night, August 19, while with his friend Lul Pab, who was fatally wounded. Quando is in stable condition, as per VladTV. Around 11:30 p.m., Quando’s aunt posted Instagram stories updating fans on the situation. “I love everyone but please…

Quando Rondo Was Reportedly Shot In Georgia And Is In Stable Condition

Lemme tell you, it’s not, and the worst part about it all is this possible fact. Is it not continually being shown that some if not most black people especially the rapper one’s show to be successful and living the life some wish. As well as show or appear to have a lot. but somehow be caught up in these situations that to me, are showing to be no more than just similar pictures painted.

I could go on, but I’ll end my thoughts here about it, and you can catch more seriously enlightening thoughts on situations like this on the next one.

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