Rap Artist Who Shows 2 Spiritually Kick Facts

Rap Artist Who Kicks Them Facts!

Rap Artist Kicks Facts

Yes, the artist 4 the people does it, and like no other. These are my thoughts of the day. I see and know better even though I can also say that, I knows not any thing 1 Corinthians 8:2. I say this, because you have those who are very quick to assumes that one is acting as if he do. But yet, they show to never really put any thought into what they assume that their right about.

This is a possible fact, I’m being humble just saying (possible) and I’ll challenge ANY on it.

Rap Artist Who tells It Like It Is

Here’s one major thing that you need to get when it comes to the artist 4 the people. If I decide to speak on and or touch on something that I see relevant, it’s for a reason. And if I so happen to do so, the facts are there. Some may try to make it seem as if the Great doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Rap Artist Who Spiritually Kicks Facts Does It Matter

See, I recognize that there are, and always will be those who will choose to not take the time to see where I might be coming from. I use to have a problem with it. And you know what, I tend to still do a little bit til this day. But been working on that, and I’ve learned now to be bothered less.

However, knowing that people especially close to me, and know me would show to care less about my work. Would rather show to disregard what I’m kicking, which is facts. Yes, I think that that would tend to bother anyone who knows and can feel what’s real, and what’s not. Dragged off into all these different lifestyles and social network realms and lanes just ain’t the Great’s thang.

Rap Artist Spiritually Kicks Facts On the Possible


Did the You Tube Video above a couple of years ago. Wanted to find one that fitted what I’m touching on right now, because something that I’m typing now might be found in something I said some years ago. I don’t know, I didn’t watch it to see, I just embedded it but what would be the chances if there is Can U Imagine? One of the main reasons to my why is the fact that I love G-d just that much that I feel the need to share.

Rap Artist Kicks Facts Spiritually About Things In Life

Spiritually Divine, something that had to be work hard on for quite some time. I found it a must to work towards becoming something more in order to show to be who and what, and showing in my walk. And in case those of you who don’t know, or just choose to ignore the fact that. I strive to show to be on a different level, path and purpose, and it’s for a much better reason.

Now you know, and I do it because I do have some type of passion for doing what I do. And if you think that I do all of the little that I do just because I’m bored? You might want to think about that again, my unseen and at a distance friend/reader. Because that’s far from the case, so I feel the need to just humbly set the record straight.

Speaking on certain topics and subjects some may not like me touching on. Illustrating and speaking on some of the things talked about for a bit more clarity is important to me. I represent not only for rap as an artist, but as one of the people who can see, and know. Everybody wants acknowledgement for what they do.

If it’s deserved, then it should be given. But what are you doing? We are now in the age of Spirituality. Learning to know better, to grow better that should be a part of one’s daily mission would you not say?

That’s why I kick the facts, the facts on and about many thing including about the Spiritual battle we all are facing in some way in this game of life. #CanUImagine

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