Rapper ASAP Rocky Detained In Sweden For Possible Assault


So, I heard that they “Sweden Authorities” got one of y’all favorite rapper’s “Asap Rocky” in a very, very bad situation from what I’ve seen, and read. I may or may naught share the video in the post, but I might. Anyway, just wanted to put y’all up on the latest when it comes to the dilemmas that I hope that you can clearly see that many of these mainstream rappers are now facing #inthesedayzoftyme.

But my question to you would be: “have you taken the time to even ask self why you are seeing these rappers having so many problems, and somehow caught up in drama. Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Na… I think that’s now too much of a easy and watered-down excuse to use. I think it’s way more to it than just that.

But let’s get to this whole ASAP Rocky detained by Sweden authorities’ situation. What I seen is what I seen. But as I always say: “There’s always more than meets the eyes.” But here’s the biz… I watched the video, I seen back and forth talk, I seen scuffle, and then the Sweden guy swung on dude and then took his headphones off and what appeared to have “struck” ASAP Rocky’s bodyguard?

Then there was more talk, and then the Sweden guy asking for his headphones back. I also kept hearing ASAP Rocky’s people telling the Sweden guys to just go the other way and about their business. There was more back and forth. Then there was ASAP Rocky’s video clip stressing how the Sweden guys kept following his “bodyguard around?” Then there were women who got involved. Then there was something that you can hear about a woman dunken-hines getting grabbed. You then have moments where you see ASAP Rocky trying to reason with the katts by saying they weren’t trying to go to jail.

And then. You have the final take of ASAP Rocky grabbing the Sweden guy and slanging him to the curb and then comes the good ole gang up and #giveit2emraw savage style by jumping the Sweden guy, and then they left. Rest of video can be seen below.


Now that’s what I seen in the video. But I also seen more too that I will get into possibly in a video.

And now from what I heard, he went to the Sweden authorities to tell his side of the story, and I guess they weren’t going for the good Samaritan honest Ni66a shhh… and detained him and some of his party. I think they let his bodyguard out because they couldn’t charge him, but they looking to charge them.

Now they’re talking about free ASAP Rocky, because he’s in inhumane conditions being fed an apple a day etc. I also see that they want President Trump and the U.S. to get involved. So, how does #theartist4thepeople feel about this whole situation? Who cares right? I mean what I might have to say means nothing even though what I may have to say is somewhat very relevant #canuimagine?

I’ll let the people speak on it, because what y’all feel and have to say truly matters at least if it’s within reason. But I will say this. I feel that it is more to it, because I’ve been noticing how some of these mainstream rappers have naught only been getting into a lot of shhh… but also have now seem to find themselves taking on bigger positions and roles when it comes to social and political light.

Nothing wrong with that right? Remember, it’s the #BattleoftheMind and as far as I’m concerned, it just seems like yet another situation that will end up showing how #theyworkinoonit. My thoughts, your incite and views, #giveit2emraw

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