Relationship on another Level

Can U Imagine the word Relationship on another level?

Relationship on Another Level

What would the world be without it. The word relationship is one that is beyond, and on a much deeper level. Relationship used by some people who base it merely off the word itself. However, for those of you who choose to think about whether the word relationship has extra meaning. you’ll be the ones who will be able to see that, it gets deeper. And what do I mean by deeper? I mean looking at how we show to use relationship on another level.

I myself use the word on many different levels. Finding it very interesting to look at, and use it. It’s important to not loosely use it. I have a few thoughts about it, and have for awhile now. I don’t know about anybody else, but I do when it comes to self of the importantance of the word.

I’m not gone speak too much on or get too far in-depth of where I’m going with this and why. But, I will say at the present time that, the word relationship is not just about man and woman’s involvement on the intimate level. Relationship deals within one’s overall life, and I think some people have it all mixed up. knowing exactly what relationship in itself means that, you can now advance in your thinking about it.

Relationship on another level whats the difference?

So, is there a difference? Why of course! Relationship(s) = Your relation(s) and or dealings. Yep, that’s what I think it is. Your relationship when it comes with one another for the most part. And then, it spreads out in aid and or the showing to be good, or not so good. For example, I did a post around 2017 in regards to Some of the Things That Women Do That Show to Breach the Trust. And then there’s the one that you have so-called family, friends and most importantly, the Spiritual one with G-d.

Relationships of some of y’all favorite celebrities

Yep, some of our favorite R&B, rappers, entertainers and celebrities, atheletes etc. Show how it plays a big part in they’re lives too. In fact, do we not see it all the time when it comes to some of y’all favorites? Are they projecting strong and healthy relationship(s)? A big topic for another post in time, but for now, I’m just throwing out some type of example. One to where I might be coming from, and that you the reader are willing to relate more to.

ZooRilla’z Final Thoughts

So, did I confuse you? or, am I giving you a visual idea of what I’m talking about? Is it worth taking the time to see, read and think about as wel as ask self. Is there a reason to why you came across this post and took the time to read these thoughts of the artist 4 the people? What helps you to think when it comes to thinking about things like this? That too is a topic that I’ll save for another time. Anyway, my thoughts for you to see the possible, #canuimagine ? To be continued.

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