Rick Ross Was Fined for Labor Violations at Multiple Wingstop’s

So, some of y’all favorite mainstream rappers are showing you who they really are, and what they do when having a whole lot. Yes, some of y’all favorite rappers like Rick Ross are showing to be the example on both sides of the coin. Showing that black people can truly come up, and have thangs, but on the flipside has been according to the United States Department of Labour, wage and Hour Division. Part of this is due to slacking in some areas that have now given them other people goods reasons to step in and show the Boss who’s BOSS!

Yep, ole Rick Ross “The Wing Boss” and family was popped with a fine of over $100K for allowing the piling up of multiple violations at Wingstop locations in Mississippi, and one was for the taking of money from his employees!?

Naw, not the Boss! Now why would the boss who’s according to him: Is rich” be fined for such? The needing to tap into his employees check to cover certain expenses? We gone have to look a little bit deeper into this shall we?

Why Rick Ross is Being Fined

Okay, so, from what I’ve read so far when it comes to Rick Ross’s restaurant situation, he had to hand over $51,000 in back pay to employees who he illegally tapped they’re paychecks unlawfully charging them for uniforms, safety training, and background checks. Na, say it isn’t so Rick Ross, say it isn’t so. According to what I read, there was an investigation where it was found that some of his Wingstop restaurants company also unlawfully made they’re employees cover cash register shortages and other serious cases that involved child labor regulations?

Come on Rick Ross Really!?

So, the Boss Rick Ross owns plenty wing stops, it’s a franchise of 25 that is family owned and operated in five Mississippi locations? Many sources are saying that these violations left many of the employees of these Wingstops under the I guess one would call: “Bad Leadership” of a Boss lead to them suffering a take-home pay of less than $7.25 per hour, which is now way below the 7.25 federal minimum wage.

Okay, so that’s enough for me to type and touch on in order for you to see why I’m even investing my time into doing a post about the “Boss” Rick Ross” and what he’s allowed himself to be caught up in when it comes to how successful black rappers, and how they do when in these great positions of owning, operating and showing the possible. You can read more about it by hitting the link below. So, how do we look at this situation? I will say that there is much you can get, and learn from it but for me, what are you getting from it? I personally don’t enjoy having to put successful black @ss nigs and niggettes in the light for awareness and educational purposes but not to doesn’t help.

This is not an attempt to personally discredit and teardown ole Rick Ross this is for awareness purposes to how people of our race do when they come up, and or are placed in these great positions of power and showing to haver thangs. Black Excellence Rich Nigs and other titles cap’d with black. And as the saying is: “With Great power” comes what? #CanUimagine

When A Chief Speaks

Source: UPROXX https://uproxx.com/music/rick-ross-fined-violations-multiple-wingstop/

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