Seen something about E40

Can you imagine what I seen? Seen something about E40.


I’m online taking a look at a few things as I search. while doing so, I happened to come across one of my favorite rap artist’s name. Yep, E40 who been going hard and holding it down for the westcoast, Bay area. I’m not going to get into what I saw just yet, but I am like: “Waouh…” But at the same time a bit puzzled to what, and why?

There are just too many rap and hip hop artist to be posting about when I see someething. And I feel the need to she some light on by giving a few thoughts about them, I will. At least I will try tom, it just all depends. But this rite here! It has me, thinking back to roughly around 20 days ago.

Salute to 50 Years of Hip Hop was being put together, which was December 10, 2023. And around that time I had seen where E40 was in a video with some other fellow westcoasters. Recalling during that time after coming across the video where I decided to just comment. I left a few thoughts to show my appreciation and support for artist from the westcoast like E40.

I seen something about E40 20 days later that has me, like: “WTH is this and is it Fake News? Or, is it true, and that’s the reason for this post, and as the artist 4 the people I’m hitting you with some thoughts of the day. As well as asking questions within my own mind and “In A Major Way.” #CanUImagine

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