So, did you know? Man, 41 killed in Kalamazoo after shooting

Another Killing In Kalamazoo Not A Good Look

Just came across this, and thought I’d do a post on it to bring awareness to yet another killing in Kzoo, that’s not a good look and just makes it overwhelming, and Un than more safe.

Kalamazoo Shooting

Man, 41 shot and killed in Kalamazoo in the wee hours of coming out of Friday night, and going into Saturday morning. Just ran across this so, I’m taking the time to post awareness to it. According to what I’ve read, it went down around 4:20 am Saturday, April 15th on Howard Street and W. Michigan Avenue close to WMU Campus.

KDPS officers located and found a Kalamazoo man suffering from a gunshot wound, and proceded to give medical care, KDPS officers said.

He was then transported to the the nearest hospital, which probably was Bronson where he then died as a result of his injuries. A condolences from Kalamazoo Public Safety also offered to any family and or friends impacted by this situation. KOPS Lt. Eric Reiber said in a press release.

Link will be below to read the article coverage through MLive and News Channel 3

Thoughts From The Artist  4 the People

So, where do I start off. First and foremost, I want to send my condolences out to not just the family, and friends affected, and have been impacted by this situation. But all of the other people who have also took a major loss of a loved one who was shot and killed. The ones who have also been struggling with the pain, and suffering felt every time the thought of that and or those family members pop up in their minds.

Now, as far as this situation goes, it’s another one of those situations that tends to be very familiar. One that has shown to not just happen, and then goes away. Na, it’s been happening and still is happening to where you are asking that also familiar question, why? Its natrual to ask that question and one should. Especially when you have these type of shootings, and murders that are coming out of the thin of the wind in the City of Kalamazoo/ Kalamazoo.

I don’t want to make this long, because like I said; I’m just touching on it and shedding a little light on the situation for awareness purposes. There’s a lot going on in Kzoo, and one of those lots are these Kalamazoo Shootings. Don’t think so? Well, just not even two weeks ago I did a post on the shooting that jumped off at West Chester Woods Appartments around the 4th.

And here it is, it hasn’t even been a full two weeks and here’s another one! I also know that there may be some who might to look at this as something normal. But lemme tell ya, there’s nothing NORMAL about these type of events that are, and have been taking place. Not just in Kalamazoo, but also from city to city, state to state In These Dayz of Tyme.

Anyway, I can go on and on about it, and people gone continue to ask the question why? What y’all have to see, and realize is that, a lot of stuff happens with a reason attached to them. Yes, a lot of these type of tragic situations jump off and it just all depends on what may be attached to it, but as of right now, it’s really just too early to say.


I think that’s why it’s so important now than ever to not be allowing other people to redirect you away from not only being more aware, but also finding a way to get on the path to recovery and better and stronger relationship. And what do I mean by that? Think about it and whach for my breakdown in the next one. until then, I will say this. Kalamazoo communities need change BIG TIME. These ongoing Kalamazoo Shootings that people are responsible for also needs to change. But, Change for better all around when you look at it is needed right?

But when? How? And what is it going to take in order for those needs to be met? Because lemme tell you like I been telling y’all for the longest: “Its the Battle of the Mind” for a lot of us, and without the calmness of G-d’s goodness involved, nothing matters anyway. There’s always gone be shootings, as well as someone and or people getting shot. And the question should not be when will it stop, but whose to really blame? Taking the time out to see, and show to do different than what ya been showing to do is a good start. #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks

Source: MLive Man, 41 killed in Kalamazoo shooting News Channel 3: 1 killed in shooting near WMU campus

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