So Ole’ Joe Biden Needs Help From Wife?

Joe Biden Needs Help From Wife Jill Biden

Ole’ Joe Biden is apparently starting to show more signs of what some of us actually are not in denial of clearly what he’s already been showing, which is problems like remembering. So now Mr. Biden is helped by his wife, Dr Jill, to aid him due to being “cognitively impaired?” as the New York Post lady Miranda Devine touches on in the video.

In the video she stresses how: “No one really knows how much he’s processing. You worry about those behind the scenes pulling the strings.”

Other Hands In The Cookie Jar

Behind the scenes string pulling, I call it going behind my back doing shhhh….. without telling me right? Those close are pushing moves without informing the Commander in Chief of the oval office?

So Is It That Bad?

I think it’s bad and will get worse and guess who it’s going to weigh more heavily on? Us, but mainly our children. How? Because they’re the future not us, and that’s why they needed your children (Our Children) to be of aid and assistance by deception to not really slick talk, but mentally bought. What is talking place and being slowly done to this country is wrong, and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive those who played a part in all that is taking place to make us and our country/nation weak #canuimagine

When A Chief Speaks knowledge and Music
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