So the Police say video of toddler yanked from mom not whole story

β™’πŸ’¨ So if you recall, I posted some days ago in regards to thisstory and what do you know; did I naught say that there’s always something more more to what is #rightbe4ureyez and meets the eye?

Please tell me, this woman did naught go out into a public place (Food Assistance Agency) lunching out! 😑Saying that she sat on the floor, then bit the security guard and then turn around and was using the baby as a shield to prevent from being arrested.

Am I wrong for questioning this? Does this give them fuel to gas up the already astigmatism and labeling that Black People are aleeady talking about facing?

So much more to say, but right now I’ll just leave it at this. “It’s the #battleofthemind. Check the story in the link below.

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