Stabbing or another shooting in Kzoo?

Stabbing or another shooting in Kzoo?

Stabbing or another shooting

So was it a stabbing? Or, another shooting in Kzoo. Yes, ya guy Rilla was coming through and happened to see the yellow crime scene tape. So, I bent the block, parked nearby and walked back to where I seen the yellow tape.

As a result, I was able to get a better view, and ask some other people who also were out and close what happened. It could have been anything; in other words it was in the air. So for this reason, I stayed for a little bit in order to hopefully know a little more to what possibly took place. Went live on my Instagram while there in front of what was taking place for awareness purposes.

Stabbing or another shooting

Moreover, eventually coming to realize that, there was much more going on that led to the why.

Stabbing or Another Shooting

So, there has been a lot going on right here in this spot for awhile now. And as a result, this situation eventually came this point. A point to where someone, body and or people got caught up, and badly hurt. In this case, stabbed, shot etc.

Well, at first it was thought that someone had gotten stabbed, but in the final analyzing of the situation, and according to what was said by reporter for wwmt News Channel 3, some had been shot. Click Here to see more coverage on this.

Final Thoughts

So, you might be one of those who ask: “Why do you speak on situations like this?” Because I care enough to shed a little light on, and bring awareness to stuff like this. The illness and dysfunction as well as bad energy all up in the neighborhoods and communities doesn’t make things better. It make it worse especially In these dayz of tyme, #CanUImagine

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