Stop Trying To Impress People Who Don’t Deserve You

Stop Trying 2 Impress People Who Don’t Deserve You. After I just did the post on “Why I feel the way I feel.” I ran across this post from a woman who goes by @rosieculture who did a post. The post was on Why one should stop trying to impress people who don’t deserve you.

Now, even though she appears to be speaking from a certain angle, and possibly to women. I actually felt where she was coming from. Enough to take the time to read, and even do a repost. What was the chances of me, doing the post I did, and then coming across one such as hers that relates.

I never read the post, just the title, because there’s truth in it. And then, when I read it, it hit even harder.

“Impress yourself and impress the people that truly matter and deserve to matter to you.

Her link is below to read more. So do people try to do this? Trying to keep up the Jones just to try and impress those who could really care less? #canuimagine ?

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