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Can U Imagine What I Experienced

So, I found myself doing a post the day yesterday on 3 Important things to remember when it comes to the meaning of Spring. And then, it crossed my mind to add a video to it, and this was the one that I felt would be the better fit. Well, come to find out, not only was it the one that would come to be the one to use. but I also noticed the date on it, which had me like WOW!

 You Tube Video

The date was April 25th, which was 2 days before I did the recent post that was on the 27th day before yesterday. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but I found it interesting, so here I am doing another quick post with the video used, and it’s as always for whatever the reason set is. The title for the video from what you can see is: “Light message to and for the people who seek out what I experienced, what I saw and found.

My Experience

Yes, what I experienced, saw and found. and it’s a light message only for the people who choose to seek. And though it clearly shows how much ANYONE cared enough to see what I might have been talking about in the video, which was the one thumb up, and 13 views received. That alone is enough to just make you say to self: “Why even waste the time and energy invested in hopes to reach the people who you would think just might appreciate your work.” That’s the thought that tends to pop into my mind all the time. But the likes and views aren’t why I’m doing this. What I end up realizing is that nothing happens for nothing.

The Artist 4 the People

It was even a bit difficult for me to even figure out how, and what I wanted to start that post that was something I had been wanting to do lately in regard to the whole Spring meaning, the resurrection, Easter etc. And what if I just never did? What if I just showed to never-mind and place it to the side like other people tend to show to do. What if I just listened to myself and just give up, not just on showing to do what I’m able to do, the Battle of the Mind, right? Much of this I have, and still do speak on, don’t think so? Click the picture above to checkout album songs did also did years prior to.

I could have also showed to have the same “careless” disregard and give up on people as people clearly show to do. What if right? Well, after looking at all of that, it then hit me, and that’s when I found out something. Guess what I found out? I found out that, if I showed to do the “What If’s” stated above.

And if so, then maybe I wouldn’t be where I am now in state of mind today at this very moment as I’m typing. Nor would I even show to be self-motivated to do exactly what I am showing to do just by taking the TIME to type these thoughts of the day. And had I not showed to take the time to think and do what I did. I also might not have been able to experience because I never took the time to seek and find out what I saw and found. Sounds a bit puzzling and crazy huh.

Final Thoughts of the Artist 4 the People

What I found is something that I did a few YEARS ago that showed to also be relevant to and could be used for the recent post I did. Not only that, but it was also very refreshening as well as enlightening for me, to experience what I never thought about until now. And it all came from the thought about Spring, and the 3 things to remember. See, even as seasoned as I can show to be, I too also can do for a time of refreshening and remembering.

But isn’t that hard? Super hard, isn’t it? Especially when you yourself may well be going through your moments of life obstacles, struggle, pain, feeling overwhelmed. Hardships, worry, distractions, noise and all the other attachments that will have you threw off In These Dayz of Tyme. Yes, threw all the way off is what I said, and if you’re not paying attention and striving for focus. How can one make any room for any type of growth and transformational change to be seen?

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to hit on and give a bit of an example to what I mean, and why I’m now choosing to show exactly what needs to be seen, and that’s Spiritual growth #CanUImagine

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