The importance of G-d being your Copilot while rushing

G-d Being Your Copilot

Spiritual Experience Maybe?

So, lemme type these thoughts of the day up really quick on what I experienced yesterday while in traffic. I was on the move, and in a bit of a RUSH, and then! #CanUImagine After going through it, I decided to go live about on Instagram, and shed some light on my experience for that moment. In the video, which is right below, I give it 2 em raw about what happened, how I felt at the time, and the importance of G-d being your copilot while navigating amongst the reckless-minded people who be behind the wheel especially #InTheseDayzofTyme.

G-d as a Copilot

We have a choice do we not? We can either move with or without. So, my Spiritual experience is my story that the most-high almighty G-d possibly may have needed me. Needed me, to take the time out to share with those who may run across this post, read my thoughts. Watch the video and hopefully something said will be taken heed to.

And may well help those through this awareness video in time. I also asked what others experience was, and if they have ever experienced someone all out intentionally showing to run a stop sign over at least 20-25. And how they felt and dealt with the moment when someone decides to intentionally fly right on by this BIG BRIGHT SIGN and or even a stoplight with intent. I also breathe on how there are going to be those who gone show to ignore this.

I’m taking the time out of my own life to say and share when it comes to this video live. I’m not doing it because I have to, but because maybe it gives an example to when the Spirit moves. You have people out here who be behind the wheel driving, but with no clue to what’s really going on, and the importance of the most-high almighty G-d being your copilot.

G-d Sends Reminders

Call me crazy all you want, but for me, G-d sends reminders, and in this situation for me, it was not only a test, but also a reminder, which led to me, reflecting on a couple of scriptures from the Holy Bible that I came across while putting this video together. One is Proverbs 16:9 and the other is Proverbs 19:21

After watching the video ask self if the two scriptures are relevant, and great reference to what I’m talking about, and now gives you, the reader even more clarity on, and to why I felt the need to put this one together for my subscribers, visitors, readers of seriously enlightening thoughts of the artist 4 the people. Can U Imagine. Be Mindful my people.

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