The Levels And Importance Of Counsel

Counsel Is A Fundamental Necessary In Life

So today, I wanted to express how important is it to and for you, to see how the things that you see are clearly seen if you choose to see them, and know how the many things that are of, and for good intent are under fire and attack In These Day’z Of Tyme (Think About It). What am I referring to you might be asking right now? Use your imagination, and choose to think for a change in order to see what it could be possibly be. See, the thing about it, I’ve noticed for a very long time how so much has changed up; especially when it comes to the whole experience of the many ongoing changes that we see taking place #RightBe4UrEyez and how communication, connection and information is being put out. And there’s so much being pushed out that one would kinda have to be in a sense robotic and alienated in order to process a good fraction of it fast enough.

#CanUImagine? Everything scattered all over and everywhere like a messy room where you would have to sift through by making time in order to find whatever it is you are looking for, and comes to mind am I right? But isn’t that how it feels and or appears to be when it comes to all that we see going on in the world we live in today?


I could get deeper in this subject, because I really love and enjoy getting deeper into it, but it tends to be a bit too much for some to be able to handle, and I myself am working on the better managing of my time; especially when it comes to doing these post on my #knowledgeandmusic blog. But I was moved today to do this one real quick for my subscribers and and those who visit, and take the time to read the thoughts of #TheArtist4thePeople who strives to touch basis with ya’ll on my thoughts on things, and findings when it comes to what hits me, which was ignited by the engaging of communication. So this is about counselling. And when it comes to counselling, I kinda see, and find self naught only seeking, and receiving, but also finding a way in time to also do the same for others without even trying to be on that tip, but as my saying goes: “When the Spirit moves, I too shall move in mind and Spirit.”


So when I speak on the Spirit moving me, what do I mean? I feel like the Spirit of God moves when and where there is some type of connection. Unity? So where does counsel play a part in all this, and where am I going with it?  

Where no counsel is, the people and (Nations) fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Proverbs 11;14

Familiar with the above scripture? Y…ep, this is what I was led to earlier after the fact, and found it very, very interesting because whether you, the reader or anyone else for that matter shall admit it or naught, does this naught show relevance to the now? #canuimagine a world without counsel? Can you naught see why the much that is in place, is in place for safety purposes? So here’s the thing, though I am familiar with this scripture, I look at it even more relevant than it was when I seen it before many years prior to. I look at all that is going on especially in the political arena of government in the United States Of America, and how you see all of what you are seeing and why even counsel is setup within that structure as well; in order to keep office holders and those who are in certain positions of power in check and in order, make sense?

Peaceful gathering (Assembling) of the people sound familiar? It’s found right within the constitution for The United States Of America and Bill Of Rights #1A. But you wouldn’t expect someone such as self to naught only touch on, but can actually relate to, stand on (Uphold) and even break it down to the possible why. And I say; “Unity” is a part of the 1st Amendment  But, I don’t want to get into that right now. My point is a part of the possible reason to why counsel is so important. Check it, could God refrain from moving where there is divisions, strife, fighting, and complaining?

Is it possible that, God inhabits the praises of his people, not the “grumbling” of his people, which is much of what you see popping off nowadays. And could the word “Unity” itself mean: “to get your minds together?” And final, do you see how important it might be to God that; we become of one mind in our marriages, relationships, connection and communication groups, and that especially goes for the church?

We do need each other is what one should be saying instead of being programmed to feel the total opposite, which you can clearly see being promoted on the daily. But trust plays a big part in it as well. Counsel, I see has levels, and knowing those levels allow you to see where you fit in, and become of the most use for self, and to others. I think that the Spirit of God moves upon the body of Christ. And that’s why I am moving my thoughts out to you, whomever this may reach. Doing this just may revive those who are or feel mentally oppressed, and that in itself is my why. You either welcome the presence of God that flows through (Counsel) and or throughout life, or you don’t (Freewill). Do you see counsel a bit differently now? Anyway, that’s all for now, and may you found something in my thoughts within this post that helped you elevate with #Gods4lo

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