Caught The Moment – A Face In the Sky?

What up everybody. Dig, I have a pretty interesting video that I put together of a shot taken last Monday. “A Face In the Sky?” Not only that, but I also see something like half and half. In the video, I illustrate through the caption to how it came to this moment in time. As the creative #Artist4thePeople you know that, even though ya guy tends to be a little behind at times. I’m still able to show that, I am quite a bit ahead in mind when it comes to the content I drop.

I do try to put something up for the people when I’m in creative mode. And when I do, I stand to show to #GiveIt2EmRaw while doing it like no other.

That Track Though

In the video is also a track that was put together some years ago that, I thought it would be a good fit and extra flavor to help enhance the feel, and illustration given through this visual dope I’m serving you. There’s so much going on, and taking place right now, and there’s so much that I would like to elaborate on. And some of these things I actually have already touched on.

This is the original shot taken.

So much that I want to do, as well as show. But then, I tend to have those thoughts and asking self is it even worth it. Worth what? Taking the time to put these type of post up to share my creative work, experiences and even encounters in this game of life can be exhausting at times. Finding the time to do what I do is a part of my ongoing struggle within the mind of Adam the Great X.

So Why Do What I Do?

Well, I have two reasons. 1: “I’m making a choice to.” And 2: “It’s what I call… “The work beyond your work.” See, what you, the reader and listener needs to realize is that, I don’t plan certain moments like this. When it happens, it happens and, I just strive to pay attention, and be as aware in time. Why? In order to not miss a moment if I don’t have to. To be able to do exactly what I’m showing to do as I put this post together. Possibly Delivering something that could be beneficial to the eyes that chooses to read. Projecting a message, and or visual meaning with worth or both.

Is There Symbolic Meaning To This?

For me, yes I would say so, and may do another post to how, but for now, I’m just showing and giving y’all what I see.  

“In him was life; and the life was the light of men.” ~John 1:4

So anyway, hopefully you found some enjoyment as well as possibly gained some type of enlightenment from these thoughts along with listening to the video. Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? Maybe, maybe not, but #CanUImagine 

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When the Moment is caught Can U Imagine

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