The Situation With Orlando Brown

Is Orlando Brown Showing Clear Signs Of Going Through the Battle Of the Mind?

So what’s the situation with the young katt who is well known for his role playing, and Disney star in the hit show for teenagers: “That’s So Raven?” Well, from what I gathered, got, and know of so far, and the interview I watched on Dr. Phil that was showed to me, this clearly shows that the many things that, I have been hitting my readers, and listeners of my music with is definitely showing to be the clearer truth, and reality that is on the rise.

What am I referring to? “The #battleofthemind.” After watching this interview, it just help me to see even more to how the war that’s being waged on and against man, and especially these younger men (Your Son’s) and children is one that clearly should naught be seen as just another mental health situation and or cry out for attention though we know that, that is the case with some.

For 9 plus years I have been campaigning the Battle Of the Mind album project, and my thoughts on the many situations that one can clearly see #rightbe4ureyez. And what I seen last night, which is basically confirming the importance of truly working on your mind or allow someone or thing to do so for you is a projection that won’t be denied.

And though it is easy for me, like many in the world are promoting (To care less) to also do. I know that; by my own walk (obstacles) that one had to face in this game of life gives me even more of a reason to touch on this matter.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

This Orlando Brown situation would appear to be nothing to some, but I beg to differ, and is truly a very hard pill to even consider on wanting to swallow. Mental illness is becoming more, and more of an issue, but it’s naught like it never has been so clearly it is nothing new, but should naught be undermined.

Naught only that, but black men if you will; especially the ones who appear to be in better positions in life that one wishes are clearly showing that; the money that, fame and material things that is being so proudly promoted are naught saving one from the major fall that one will take if you are naught working on getting your mind right #inthesedayzoftyme.

I spoke on this in a song called: “In these Day’z Of Tyme,” and now I see this young katt Orlando Brown projecting much of what I spoke on, and possibly why I felt the need to take a different course and direction when it comes to dealing with the music life and life in general. For some reason, I see what many either fail to want to see, or they just can naught see.

But if you look at this interview that Dr. Phil did with him, you will see the battle, and major struggles black men are facing. It is clear, and you can overlook and play the deny game with self all you want, but the truth stand while the illusion shall surly try.

The Battle Of the Mind is now, and the war is waged on and for man’s mind and soul. I really am praying for this young brughtha, because right about now, there are many who are and have left him to resort to taking that final route out, and that’s possible suicide.

kinda should make you wonder how some of these folks could keep trying to convince one to see what they want you to see when it comes to #blacklivesmatter. How? When you have your own turning on you, and or leaving you in the dark to walk and deal with hardships alone unless! #CanuImagine

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