They’re saying a Man was found shot, and killed in Kalamazoo on the Westside

So, I was out and about making moves yesterday. While doing so, I was told about 2 different situations that took place yesterday in Kalamazoo. One was a young man shot, and killed out on the Westside around the KL Ave. area. And the other was an alledged body being found in back of the Northsides Family Dollar on Park street. So, this post is basically for the purpose of bringing awareness to those who live in Kalamazoo about these 2 situations that went down.

You can read more on the story of the young man shot, and killed on the westside at the Westchester Woods Apartments in the link below. And as far as the body being found in back of the Family Dollar, there is no coverage yet. I guess when it comes to Why? Don’t know. Anyway, Just wanted to put this quick post together, because it was brought to my attention to really just shed some light on issues like this, because situations like these really need to be touched on am I not right?

Why? Well because you would think that the people whose child this is, and love one’s would want to know as well as those of you in other parts and sides of Kzoo would want to know about stuff like this that’s going on that makes it a bit unsafe would also want, and need to know too don’t you think? Just a Kalamazoo rap artist 4 community change for better. Can U Imagine?

When A Chief Speaks

Source: MLive Man fatally shot at Kalamazoo apartment complex

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