Those Who Make It Hard to Trust

Those who Make it hard to trust. Woke up this morning, haven’t gotten self all the way together, but I’m working on it. This thought hit me, so I’m doing a post real quick about it. Those who make it hard to trust. How do they do it, and why?

How is when you entrust people who you allow to get close to you. Thinking that, you will be able to trust them to not try to play mind games with you. To not let you down, and whatever the relationship may be, you can count on them to not disappoint you. Those who give you a way to have that good reason to. And then, they somehow show to do the opposite to all the above.

Look, and sounds about right so far? Now, why people make it hard? Good question you might say. Normally, it’s just because they just might not be use to having someone as solid as you!

These type of people you have to watch out for, because they come in all different shapes, forms along with many faces. Not touching on what I heard, I’m vibrating oon what I know, #canuimagine ?

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