TSA director arrested by US Customs for?

TSA Director Arrested for what?

Tsa Director Arrested

Black people be skinning and grinning  when it’s all good. See, this is some of the shhhh…. that I be talking about. Here we have a situation where you have those type of successful BLACK people, like this one. A woman, I guess who shows to be in GREAT position as a director for TSA. And lemme say this: “Allegedly” took advantage of an elder relative who is said to be suffering from dementia and had fallen ill.


How? Forgery of documents to transfer property. Just above is the link to the article about it. You might be one who will ask: “Why are you touching on this?” Because hopefully it will show you something that, you may not be seeing.

Something that, I personally can see, and do my part. And what is that part? To bring just a little awareness to how it seems to show how some black people get when they get to having something. Showing to be just as bad, if not worse than those who are known to do stuff like this the most. Know what it does? It gives off a sense of a bad look, image and light on people of my tone. But for some, this tends to be just fine, and don’t see anything wrong with it.

But it is to a degree and so, I speak my peace on such by setting the record straight. So lemme ask the questions like: “Aren’t and haven’t people of my tone (Negroes) (Black Americans) (African-Americans) Men, Women and children been through, and still going through enough as it is?” Do we not have enough on one’s plate as it is? And here it is, you have NIGGAZ like these two.

TSA Director Arrested and A relative Too?

TSA Maxine and Father Delroy

Yep, she had someone ALLEGEDLY in on the scheme with her, and if not mistaken on my reading, it’s her father. Listing them both on the docs. The property was supossed to go to the brother of Maxine, not her and her father according to my reading. So, I think you can see what might be taking place.

And the father’s reply to the allegations of elder abuse: “It’s a family thing,” is what I’ve read that he said to WAGA. Am I saying that they guilty? Nope, just some of my thoughts on it, and delivering what I found very interesting, and if they did do it then; it only strengthens my point #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks

Source: FoxNews TSA director arrested by US Customs and Border Protection

Source: UPI High-ranking TSA official arrested for forgery

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