Update: Apparent murder-suicide | Parents and child who was 6 a tragedy

UPDATE: This is an update on the triple murder-suicide that took place out in portage over near sprinkle and milham rd. Kalamazoo County.

I’m now reading that, it was A husband and wife couple situation that also involved one of their children who was 6 and were all said to have died in the shooting on Tuesday, Aug. 30, at an apartment complex in portage from what Mlive’s article is saying police said.

I’m not going to add they’re names at this time, but identities of a man, woman and they’re 6-year-old daughter who were killed in the suspected murder-suicide has been released and you can go and read more by clicking the link Here.

Family Structure Under Attack

It was a overheated husband and wife thing that eventually lead to something that is not good at all. It’s also being said that, there were other children ages 13, 11, and 3, who took off when the shooting started.

Another Hostage Situation

This ended up turning into yet another hostage situation where it led up to a barricading in an upstairs apartment in the 4600 block of Milham where it’s said the Police blocked off the area and called for assistance of The Kalamazoo SWAT.

Attempted Negotiation

Their also saying that, Negotiators tried for two hours to make contact to those in the apartment but there was no response.

Police then entered, but also said that a drone robot was used when they entered the apartment and found the deceased family members who had been shot, police said.

A Few Thoughts From The Artist 4 the People

So, after reading more on this, it really just shows to be yet another one of the many, many very sensitive, tragic very serious situations that are taking place In these Dayz of tyme. Where the sharing of one’s seriously enlightening thoughts are a must, because as I’ve been stressing for the longest the battle of the mind. Now, in this situation, has it not shown to be just that?

It’s not and never had been my intent to bring not fear, but awareness to. I lay these thoughts down in hopes that they will reach whomever may relate to, and the messages be meant for. Yes, the much of…. that not only already has been taking place, but still is.

And it gets deeper, but I don’t want to overload this post causing it to be any longer than it already is. But, that’s how and what artist/Lightworkers like self do, we get out creative write and type on. There’s so much more I could touch on when it comes to this. But, can it also be possible that, I already may have when it comes to similar situations like this?

Final Notes

Sending my prayers 🙏🏾 and condolences out to and for the families and friends affected. I also want to note that, people are always going to want to know things. But my question would be why? Knowing is just that “Knowing” but then what? What are you now planning on showing… This is so sad and very heartfelt, but also breaking. #canuimagine

When A Chief Speaks

You can read more by clicking on the link below.

Article Source: Mlive

Portage police identify girl, 6, parents in apparent murder-suicide

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