Video in link of what happened to a Postal Truck when a driver did this

Look what happened to a us post office truck 1

Just can’t make this shhh up. I ran across a video, which shows exactly why I strive to do what I do. Bring awareness to the importance of being mindful and courteous when out moving in traffic. You wonder why they be coming up with statutes and laws that you don’t like. well, here’s a very good example. This Is what could happen when you’re doing what You want to do while driving. And the thing about the video is that, when you think of postmen/postwomen I think a lot of times they don’t even use their seatbelts. the type of older post truck would be considered as an early model, and they don’t drive them as fast. So, imagine yourself as the one who is behind the wheel at this very moment. What would you and could you do and how would you feel? #CanUImagine

When A Chief Speaks

Source: MSN

Look What Happened to A Postal Truck After A Driver Did This

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