Video showing cops pulling baby from woman who was lunching out at food assistance center

So what do we have here. So the cops are pulling the baby away from the woman is the headline. Hmmm… #canuimagine another example of what many show to actually be going through #inthesedayzoftyme? Yes, the #battleofthemind is very real.

This right here proves it. Black women are finding themselves going through more and more. Naught only that, but as their going through it guess who else is also being dragged into it?

Child(ren) Heres a issue where black women are going in these public assistance spots LUNCHING OUT, Then security officers get involved and then the police are called.

They saying she even bit the security officer. Now it’s all over the news, but you wanna know where the problems really start? When you see situations like this one and immediately jump the gun by doing the one, and most popular thing that many show to do.

“Assume” what’s my poibt and what does what I’m typing have to do with the title, and the story in the link below? Though this is a horrible bad situation that took place, and to make things even worse a baby was involved.

I guess my question would be: “Who was really at fault and why? Because remember; things aren’t always what they seem, and it’s always way more than meets the eyes. Hit the link to read more on this story.

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