Water In Kalamazoo Shows A Clear Resemblance To The Water Crisis In Flint Michigan


Woke up yesterday getting to my process of starting my day by tightening up. As usual, I tend to put toothpaste on my toothbrush first, then hit it with a little water, which I did, but this day was different. I noticed how the water appeared to be struggling a little while coming out the faucet all while I’m starting to brush my teeth, so you already know my spidy senses kicked in right? So, I flushed the toilet, then went and turned the knob for the bathtub, and that’s when things got real. WTH!!!!! All I could think of was the water crisis in Flint Michigan. Water coming out and as it filled the tub, it was as dark as the color of lager beer.

All I could say was HELL NAW!!!!!! So, I got self together, and made a move, because I had some runs to make, and then while in the midst I would also do my due diligence by asking some questions. Come to find out when I asked some workers for the city, it was said that a water pipe had broken, and when I told him what the water looked like even, he was kinda in a bit of a shock to what I had told him, and then the other worker was rushing him away. So, a broken pipe was the case.

Later on, within the day, I did feel a little off as far as my throat and stomach, but I think I’ll be alright, but when I tell you all I was thinking about was the Flint, Michigan situation, you can only imagine.

But I guess this was naught the case being that the water pipe broke instead of being intentionally switched.

I just hope and pray that, they flush the system thoroughly, because from the color and the grit that was left in the tub alone speaks for itself. I also have to stress how important it is for oneself to be and stay on top of things as well when it comes to things that go on in your city and state (Kalamazoo) (Michigan).

People run around complaining about certain things, but yet don’t do their due diligence by at least taking the time to get off their behind, and (SMART PHONE) and ask questions.

Expecting these elected people who are representatives, and employees of the government to just cater to your lack in care unless it benefits you to me, is like a baby whining to the nanny about their wants, but yet talk big and loud about how ya winning, and all this frivolous fat man talk, but don’t even know how to conduct self when dealing with these people who are public officials.


Anyway, I just wanted to share this with those who have subscribed to my Knowledge and Music Email List, and those in Kalamazoo who may find what i have to say of some interest and may naught have known about this. I also would like to extend my sincerest appreciations to the Kalamazoo City of Kalamazoo, and its workers who were on top of this immediately, Chief Adam the Great X would like to say thank you, and this S/O is for you. On an end note. One would have to ask how much do people really appreciate where they live, and those who are put in position to make it livable and safe? We as the real people must step up even when those who are willing naught to don’t, but naught in a hostile way, but in a way that the creator (God) needs you to, because at the end of the day this is about knowing what is, what isn’t and what is possible.

Know your power, and govern it accordingly, because with great power, it also comes with a greater responsibility. There is so much going on in this world today, that it tends to make you a bit paranoid, and that is because of some of the corrupted acts that have been demonstrated by those whom we’ve placed our trust in to be upright and just. It isn’t the same no more, and some people’s acts are horrible, and makes you feel as if EVERYTHING IS CORRUPT, but the only thing one can do is do what one can do within one’s abilities and know what you are dealing with In These Dayz of Tyme. Just my thoughts though for your awareness may this reach those who it reaches in high spirits.

When A Chief Speaks.


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