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Welcome 2 the mind of Chief Adam the Great’s knowledge and awareness rap music media Blog website. Where I show to control the flow and tempo be it fast or slow. A little hardcore with the thoughts, but also with a twist of the Gospel. It’s what runs through the veins of a of one who Possesses the strength of Gods4lo.

Dropping some thoughts down in a post to let it be known that I’m about to kick my site off with some flavor that many aren’t ready for. With the purpose of showing at least a decent feel and balance of visual content for my visitors. I’m hopeing that y’all can respect that.

Nevertheless, I’ve Brought my website/Blog to life was and is very important to me. Sometimes I find my self caught up, and even loose track of time when it comes to all this technology stuff. But I been and stay putting in work on another level ya feel me!

Also, let me also make something clear, I am not just another rapper trying to come out. So don’t get me mixed up with these other rap katts. Just consider me to be the Michael Jordan to bring back the real image that was blemished. By those who chose to give it a black eye.

Artist 4 the People has to Offer

Why a little guidance, messages and something for one to think about. Food for thought along with the possible enjoying of some of my rap music work. In hopes that my visitors will not only enjoy my workings, but also learn some things that might help.

Recording underground rap artist, and music producer coming straight at y’all from a city called: “Kalamazoo.” And yes, there really is one am I not enough proof? I took it upon self to just say screw those who don’t want to help me. It’s been a long very tense and very stressful process when it comes to trying to build an online platform.

A home for yourself, not just as a recording artist, but as a man to work and build. Who has been through so damn much in life and needs to just creatively vent and get stuff out. Where I can freely get whatever, I want and need to off my shoulders and chest.

Rhythm Rhyme and Reason

My music production is something similar to therapy. Therapy rap music for the once disordered. I have issues, major ones at times, and I really be going through a thing trying to deal with. Like certain situations that you just can’t ignore.

So, through my music recordings, and graphics design work is how I paint the picture for my listeners. My viewers, and or those who I just may reach through my online presence. My mission is to reach one to teach one, and hopefully through my messages and truthful teachings of NON-DECEPTION. I will be able to build a following that will see my potential and purpose and make a conscious decision.

To support this rap artist who is for the people. So, with that being said, it’s all oon you to connect with me, and if you have questions contact me in order to better cater to and serve my work. Stay tune, and prepare for the elevating of ya mind state, this is Chief Adam the Great X peace and many blessings.

When A Chief Speaks

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