What It Sounds Like To You, Rap or Hip Hop?

I’m doing this video post on a song I did called: “Man Of Steel” (God’s 4lo), which will be on my new Ep. called: “Certified” and wanted to see what others thought about what the sound and delivery actually sounds like to them. Is it Rap or is it Hip Hop? We all know how so many rappers/artist are drawn in to carrying the torch for the famous and very influential cultural title Hip Hop, but the question stands to whether they are actually doing Hip Hop or not.

Yea, I know, a artist may say that; they are doing Hip Hop, and or they’re doing Rap, one would have to respect that based off of ones choice, which there is no problem there. But, I think that many actually don’t know, and just running with the title, so that’s where the listener comes into play.

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So, I have this video that I want y’all to listen to and watch and tell me what you think. Is it unique? Creative? Is it different from what you are listening to nowadays, and does the artist give you something to think about. What about the production? Does he sound like he has what it takes when it comes to bringing something new to this music game? Who do see me working with? And get this, I’m so not into my self that, I actually drop some names just to show how much love and respect I have for this rap and Hip Hop game, and those who put it down before me, I just picked up the torch whether they left it for me, to carry or not, I’m carrying it, and I think that I’m carrying it pretty damn well if I do say so my self.

I’ve also noticed how it tends to be a problem for rappers/artist to just let it be known to who and where they get their inspiration from. A lot of copy catting and cloning going on, but to each it’s own. I know what I know, and there is no biting here, like others have they’re favorites, I have mine, and they’re rap artist who I actually was listening to when I was running the streets heavy, though, I was listening to many who were from different sides. When I traveled back and fourth to Chicago, I bought and supported some of the locals from the underground, and those who made a breakthrough into the major music realm, but that was my choice. But, that’s not all, I also supported and drop some very well known artists and music producers names who been going hard for Kalamazoo, and who are still doing they’re thing til this day, but that’s just the type of artist that I am.

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So who are these artist? Well, I’m not gone say the names on the post, but they are in the song, and video and this is my way of showing how much I appreciated they’re work, because for me, it’s bigger than just being a fan, I’m a student of this art, but don’t get me twisted, because, I’m also a teacher as well, just in my own way, but I also leave it up to my listeners to what they may have to say too, your thoughts, critiquing and pro and cons matter too. I can’t speak for another, and that’s what makes me, and my work a work to be reckoned with, I just do what I do, and it’s like no other. 

Anyway, I hope that y’all will enjoy what I’m bringing to this saturated music game, and I would appreciate your like and following of my work on and off line. And if you here some familiar name that ring a bell tag’em in this post and or tweet, share etc, and see what they have to say about this post. Leave a comment below, and feel free to ask any questions. I’m setting it off, it’s time to set the record straight. Rap Vs Hip Hop make no mistake, and remember who said it. The Artist 4 the People Blessings to all.  

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