What matters to you the title People carry or acts and deeds

While sitting here listening to some of my music: “The Battle Of the Mind Album.” I start wondering if people think that what and why I choose to do. Is for the inflicting, and implanting of fear. Why am I asking self that question?

Because as I listen, I kinda find self sounding a bit intimidating with my thoughts. What I’m touching on lyrically and the way I deliver the word, message and a type of food and or fruit for thought. A little something for y’all to think about and possibly ponder on, doesn’t mean that that is the case. Listen to Song Right Be 4 Ur Eye’z.

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Some Are Intemidated

Or maybe I’m just too serious? Or maybe I just over care about certain matters in this life that I consider self as a bit more knowledgeable and a professional. I express through the art and music in a way that is not like your favorites. It doesn’t mean that I’m trying to intimidate and or promote any type of fear. I think I’m worthy of your time and ears as those who you show to be more adimate to listening to.

And if that is not the case, then allow me to set the record straight. My intent is to exercise my mind power, and hopefully elevate a few minds at a time along the way by empowerment through awareness. Awareness is fairness, and I feel like, and expect those to one day find a better reason to appreciate. To also respect my work just like you do with your favorite rappers, actors and entertainers.

Remember, you have those out here POWER TRIPPING with these titles. Whatever the title is is just that, A TITLE. But the more important image and subject of matter at hand should be based off of what comes from. Through you and the same goes for those who you look up to and show your love and support for as well.

Final Thoughts of the Day

So, if you’re going to ride for, and show support to and for a certain person(s). Don’t because of the title they carry, but the image and energy they project. Are titles bad? I would say not, it just all depends.

Depends on whether one let’s the title trip go to their head all while risking slowly loosing themselves without even knowing it.

When A Chief Speaks

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