When People Talk About Other People Being Racist

I just can’t dodge the desire to set the damn record straight when it comes to the whole: “people being racist” talk. I have to question the fact to whether many even have a better standing to, and or even know what the defining of racist, and racism really know the possible difference rather than what they’d allowed to let be seeded in their minds showing to be more conditioned, programmed, swayed and played with.

That is my relevant question to all who allow self to get webbed and tangled up into other people’s messy mindedness in thought. So, allow a Chief; Adam the Great X clear it up for those of you who are my engaged readers and take the time to come to my site for your dose of Knowledge and Music, and possibly set the record straight and whether you shall see or naught, that is none of my business, my business is Knowledge and Music.

So, we all know what we’ve been taught by other races of people’s actions; to naught like, hate and show to be racist towards other races of people due to the pigment of their skin tone right? Meaning that, they are showing racist acts, which is racism right?

If you agree, and are with me, so-far then we can keep it moving, otherwise leave now, because truth is stranger than fiction, and this may Naught be for you.

Now, first off, let’s see what the defining of being racist is. Racist: “In the U.S., race hatred, race prejudice.” this is what we’ve been taught to see it as correct? But here’s the thing; this is also considered as a belief, a belief used for the purpose of showing that one’s race is more superior than and over another would you agree? This is also dealing with the English race, which is what we use to define things right? meaning, its there’s whomever they may be, and naught yours, and they can change it up whenever they like right?

Don’t think so? Well let’s look at racism. Racism: Definition of racism 1: A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2:  A doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles. A political or social system founded on racism. 3: racial prejudice or discrimination.

It also says that it means “Anti-Negro” and I’m pretty sure that you know what that means too right? So, let me ask you, does it appear to be seen as a means of one’s opinion, and expression towards how someone, and or a body/race of people feel towards another?

Isn’t that also called freedom of expression so long as you do it peacefully and don’t cause harm to and or infringe on someone else’s life, liberty and space?

Now one would quickly raise to issue to the fact that; back then and even throughout time they did just that all of the things I mentioned, but did horrible things to our race of people, right?

I’m naught gone get into that right now, because I want to make this short. B can you naught see where I’m going with this? If naught, then what I am saying is that people who allow themselves to get all bent outta shape when it comes to someone else’s thoughts, and opinions especially when it comes to dealing with racial discrimination issues be it groups of another race of people, and or law enforcement/authority figures overstepping their acts in power while in and out of office capacity.


You allow yourself to get all bent outta shape because of some messy minded thoughts of others who for 1, you know nothing about, and know nothing about you, and are also acting out of ignorance, and clearly showing signs of incompetence. 2, while you’re so caught up by letting them mind f*** you and you can’t even see that, its energy/life force that is being absorbed from you all due to your ignorance, and acceptance.

That is the possible truth, because this is what people show through their acts clearly based off of someone else’s belief system? And you wanna know what’s worse? There are those of you who choose to engage in, and entertain the calamity, and who’s to blame, them or you?

Did they force you? Put a gun to your head to be just as ignorant as they’re showing to have been, be and act? And if you want to get back on the whole slavery thing. You would then have to look at WHY laws, and amendments were made, and much more.

So, I’ll say it again, you allow other people to move you like a game piece, you complain about how people are being racist, and all this jive, which they are. But what does what they say, and how they feel have anything to do with the truth? Either they are right or they’re naught, and in the end, it’s all on you to prove, figure out and show otherwise. It’s all about the energy people, no matter the pigment of your skin tone.

It’s how you choose to engage with other people, and regardless how someone may feel about you, you still have a choice don’t you? The thought energy that you put into these words in itself is power, and it is all on you how you see yourself and allow information to come in.

And I’ll leave you with this; if you’re going to call it, call it right and the word hate is what you might want to consider using when you decide to make a claim and accuse. Ain’t it something how throughout all the defining above on racist/racism never did it mention hate why? 😐 Your welcome, 😉 and I humbly challenge those who see, and can prove otherwise, I’m out. Now run and tell that. Tell’em what ya learned from the man and #TheArtist4thePeople the Great Adam X.😎🤔🙄😮🤨😕😔💊💯 #CanUImagine?

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