When Black Woman Listens and Pays a Little More Attention

When Black Woman Listens

When She Takes the Time

When she takes the time to listen and pay just a little more attention. That’s what crossed my mind earlier this morning. “What does he mean by this?” You might be wondering right?

Something asked by a woman of my tone, and or any women for that matter. The thought of where I’m going with this; would probably be curiously running around in her head. But as of now, this is more in regards to woman/women of my tone. So, when it comes to Black American woman/women and or African American woman/women.

There is a LOT taking place, and going on when it comes to her and or them. Young and or older, like a wet sponge they tend to absorb and hold way more than you can imagine. So, allow me, to get into this. First off, why am I doing such a post? Well, according to what I see, know and feel, when she (Black Woman/Women) listens and pays attention. She shows that she can take a lot in, as well as learn a lot and very well does she not?

When Black Woman Listens

Which then does what? When black woman listens she tends to show to be able to make things happen, show her potential and ability to what? She does super cool, great as well as amazing. Takes things to another level, “But” and yes there’s a BIG but. I’m not talking about the one that’s round and comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Very well known for having it. No, not the BUTT, I’m talking about the big but when it comes to the flipside things. When it comes to her also learning the many things opposite so very well too. It’s a fact that, just as she “Black Woman/Women” shall take the time to listen.

When black woman listens and pays attention, she learns from the things absorbed in order to show to achieve and to succeed. Especially when it comes to some of the few of the many things stated above. It’s also a fact that they also put out the same energy and engagement. She can listen and learn and show to pay attention to the good things. She does not hesitate to also learn much of the bad things either.

Black Women Who Grow

Yes, when black woman listens and pays closer attention, no matter what, she’s getting it, and gone move it, and do it in a way that truly shows the power of a woman/women of my tone. Clearly being able to show to grow, because growing is a part of nurturing, correct? Nurturing is connected to woman and when you think of growth correct? It cannot be denied that both come in the equation, and are in relation to growth.

It’s a gift to woman from the most-high almighty G-d to be able to do so, and in such a way and is far and behind looking at it as just a blessing. No, no nooooo….. It’s something more and connected to her in a certain way for a reason. Not only that, but she (Woman/black woman/women) are also a gift to (Man/blackman/men. Now, can you see why men of my tone and like myself’s guidance is so important?

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works”

Hebrews 10:24

Either way, and however you want, and choose to look at what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that; she’s not only a preserver, but also designed to be a “grower” be that energy shot into good, bad, ugly and even worse. Now care to challenge me, by seeing, thinking and feeling otherwise?

So why am I bringing this up? I’m bringing it up because first and foremost, I can. Second, maybe the most-high almighty supreme G-d may have wanted me to, at this moment. Third, because it hit me earlier and so, I wanted to put out a few thoughts of the day together in regards to what I see, and how I feel about the importance of knowing this.

When She Listens and Pays Attention

To me, it’s not just about when black woman listens and takes the time to pay just a little more attention, because they’re doing it. It just depends on the one’s that show to, and with who. And even then, when the Ones’s who show to, and are investing their time in paying attention and listening, the question that should be raised is… to who? And I think this is where a lot of the problems are coming from and in at.

The Cause of It All

They don’t want to take the time to pay just a little more attention to the one’s “Man/Men” they should, but will be quick to when it comes to the one’s that they shouldn’t. But how would they know? Who are they showing to be more attracted to, give their all as well as show to more connected to? “The Image?” If so nothing too much wrong with that is it? But now, what image?  I could get very deeper into this, but not at this time. I’m just touching on this in hopes that what I am taking the time to type and breathe on will be thought about.

However, I have touched on such in prior posts like this one: ” Black Women Don’t Want 2 Listen Until They Want to and See Fit” And yes, I can and will tend to play a bit of a “Devil’s Advocate” and sometimes you have to. But like I said, I just wanted to shed some light on this, because I feel like it’s something that needs to be brought up, addressed, challenged and made aware of especially right now. Because In These Dayz of Tyme black American women/woman/African American women/woman are not only catching a bad rap, but also allowing self to be pushed and placed into categories and different light.

Final Thoughts of The Artist 4 the People

Which then makes it even harder on the ones who are actually are SHOWING to work on not being categorized with those type who are NWBW (New World Black Women) who are labled due to the stigma because of choice, misguidance, walk, acts and ways of thinking. See the possible problem? And trust me, I know the difference, the type and those who are showing to work hard and trying to rotate and move right.

I’m not a perfect man, not by far, but I too also work super hard. Continuously striving to improve just to be able to see to know, and know to grow. When I breathe on my woman, and women of my tone, and when “she” and or they choose to take time 2 pay just a little more attention. You ready for this? Ask her, and or them and let them tell you their experience, story and what they might have gotten. *Wink Motivation and Inspiration coming from her is a good enough reason. #CanUImagine To be continued…

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