When You Feel Like You’re Under Attack

Gotta lett’em Know Then Slowly Lett’em Go

So I wanted to do this post today on when you’re feeling like you’re under attack. I think many whether they feel the need to admit it and see it to be true or naught. I think those who can actually feel where I’m coming from by probably also feeling the same will agree. And at this very moment in time, and space, I am going through it, and feeling it right now heavily. It’s a mental attack, and I wanted to touch on it in hopes that it will bring awareness to those who also may be feeling the same, and to know that you are naught alone even though you may feel as if you are. 

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and under pressure  due to everyday stressors like going throughout life as if you’re all alone due to those who are closer to you showing through their actions that make you feel a sense of distrust, disappointment, letdown and disregard to what you might have to say when it comes to certain things that tend to bother you. let me be the one to tell you that, just the thought of it in itself is a struggle to find a way to deal with. When i touch on these type of topics, I don’t do it just by the experience of what I see, but by my own experiences to what I know.

I am no stranger to none of it, and that’s why I see self as one who shows to be more qualified to speak on it; especially when it comes to issues such as friendship, relationship and family issues and fallout’s. The #battleofthemind? Better know it, and the feeling alone is super crucial. It’s so much going on in this wicked a** world full of deceptions and lies that people tend to project out onto the set stage when many love to wear the mask. It’s very hard to even want to deal with anyone when you go about life with such a feeling of distrust because people feel like they can just string you along like their playing the violin or something. Men doing it, women doing it, so called friends are doing and it’s as if it’s been embedded (planted) like a seed withing people’s mind to accept this to be looked at as if it’s a okay.

Naught sorry to say, but it’s naught. It hurts a brughtha bad when he has to feel as if there is no one who really is trying to have a standing with him, and realize that, as a man no matter how hardcore one may have been and or may be. I still hurt, I still feel pain and I have no problem with the ability to express one’s thoughts on how mafas will play and show to treat and do ya. So, it is my hopes that someone like you whomever you may be, but most importantly my subscribers who show to still be connected with me, this is for you. This is naught just for anyone. It may be for everyone, but naught anyone, because anyone can naught totally relate to where I’m coming from unless they themselves either have, are or can due to knowing of the struggles of someone who is close, and sometimes you just feel like F*** it and just giving up on it everything and everyone.

Mental Illness is on the rise, and has been and that’s why you’ve been seeing it so much lately be it through people, the news etc. I been talking about it for years now, and that’s why I released the album The Battle of the Mind. We’re all going through it #inthesedayzoftyme. And though I really didn’t know how I was going to do this post, I found a way to put the words together, because it’s naught easy to bring it all together when you’re going through shhh… and naught as focused. So I say to you, you may feel alone just as I do all the damn time, but you’re naught. I want you to know that somebody does really care even if I don’t know you personally. I just have trust issues I guess, because people really try you and try to use your humble and kindheartedness as a weakness. #canuimagine ? Have you notice how people have really become distant towards the real, and more closer to the fake? I guess that’s just the way it is, or is it?

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