Will Smith Chris Rock Situation – Live It Up With The Artist 4 the People About It

Will Smith Chris Rock Situation

will chris situation

So the Will Smith Chris Rock Situation. The Oscar 2022 chaos is what they’re calling it. Video below has a few thoughts from the artist 4 the people on it, and more. It’s a trending topic right now because of how it all went down.

These are some of my thoughts of the day about it. And though many are showing to quickly takes sides about it. I see, feel and know otherwise. I choose to not only do a warmup video on it for a reason.

I’m also planning on doing another live to breath more on it. My reason for doing so is not and shall not be the same as others. I’m doing it, because for one, it’s needed. And two, I ain’t been breathing much on situations like this when it comes to celebrity mess.

Seeing and knowing where my real people at is important. Why? Because what I might have to say, I would like to reach those who not just gone show to be the type who just being nosy for nothing, and wanna know shhh…. just to know. The Spiritual attack is much realer that one chooses to see. And in this situation, regardless to how you choose to see it, and get from it. it’s not as good of a look as some want to try and make it look. But hey, what does an artist like me know right? Celebrities like ole’ Will Will Smith can do such a thing because of his status and image as a public figure who shows to be a successful black man, and family man. Who has now been placed on the world stage, and in the lime light as courageous for his acts.

Will Smith Chris Rock Situation Good or Bad

#Canuimagine what I might what I might have to say in regards to that, if that is a question that you’re asking right now. I won’t say at this time, but I will type this… I’ve asked a few people who are close to me about how they felt about it, and they’re responses were what they were, and not so in favor of Will smith’s bad acting. Anyways, will you answer come in the next live?

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Will Smith Appears 2 Slap Chris Rock During the 2022 Oscars Awards



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