Will Smith Chris Rock Situation – Part 1

Will Smith Chris Rock Situation Part 1

Will Smith Chris Rock Situation Part 1

So lemme dive right into this whole Will Smith Chris Rock situation. The video below is a part 1 of 2. Why I see and feel otherwise about the situation. Why I see that there’s a bigger reason to ole’ Willy Will Smith doing the unthinkable 4 Jada Pinkett Smith. And though it’s very unfortunate that this went down the way it did. I don’t hate to break the news to y’all about the fact that this had to happen.

Why do I say that? You’ll just have to first make time to watch the Part 1 video, catch the Part 2 and then, it may make a little more sense to you.

Below Is A Post and video done Oct 2020 that has quite a few Interesting thoughts showing relevance to this situation.

Was the Creator and Universe sending a message Early?

Why All Black Americans Not In Reverse

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I’m a also touch on it a little more, and then keep it moving. Why? Because at the end of the day and time some people gone show to ride with the nonsense, not reality. My only reason for touching on this situation? Because (((Spiritually))) I see and feel different about situations like this.

And you know what, it’s nothing really new about it, but I have to make it clear to ya that, what was saw, and now seeing has to also happen and it’s up to me, you and y’all to do our part, which is what? #CanUImagine

Will Smith Chris Rock – Part of the Reason 2 Why This Happen

Part of the reason to why this happen is for us to see, and remember the Spiritual side in this. So, with that all being dully said; hope you enjoy the creative workings of the artist 4 the people. The one who shows to clearly give it 2 em raw, and like no other. And if you don’t, that’s cool too.

My reason isn’t everyone else’s reason, I do this because giving you, the reader something more to think about is what was asked of me. This is why I strive to make sure to keep the most high almighty G-d in the equation of my light work.
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