Will Smith Ego Entanglement Did It Show?

Will Smith Ego Entanglement?

Will Smith Ego Entanglement

So, there’s something that I want to breathe on y’all about, and shed a little light on. Something that, I’ve actually noticed self thinking about lately, because I can’t help but pay a little closer attention to the feel. A feeling that many have, but yet are able to be able to show to see, sense and know why especially during certain times.

Times when certain things take place and you might be like: “What the F*** was that or just happened?” What am I taking about? I’m talking about what’s been on, and crossing my mind, and that’s The House and Ego. Yes, yes! The house that holds something that is the MOST slept on by many, but very effective and I’m familiar with, and have been for quite some time now. And these are some prior thoughts from days, and even weeks ago.

If it was you would you not stop, raise an eyebrow and or have that emoji WOW look. Saying to self: “Hold up now! I just was thinking about that” when seeing and knowing that something you thought about is now being played out? Played out right be 4 ur eye’s when you lease expected it, but you felt it. Felt what though? Good @$$ question. And the answer is….. The Ego. Yep, the good ole’ Mr. Invisible. And this my fellow readers/thinkers substers and followers is why I’m taking the time to post some thoughts about it.

So are you now asking: “But was does this have to do with Will Smith Chris Rock situation at the 2022 Oscar Awards?” Is that what you’re asking? And If you are one of those who are, I would say to you: “Saw that coming.”

The Ego You Me and Anyone Else

Does the ego not show to play a major part within all our lives in some way shape and or form? You grew up hearing about the ego am I right? You’ve even found self using it yourself when it came to you feeling that someone was ego tripping right? Now, let’s move quickly forward to Sunday nights action during the 2022 Oscars.

Using What Went Down At the Oscars 2022

Would you agree with me, that the whole Will Smith and Chris Rock situation clearly showed signs of what I’m touching on “The Ego?” If yes then would it also be fair for me, to be able to use that moment? Which to me, shows to be one of the “best” examples to use of the ego in action? Also showing where I might be going with this. To me, this was way bigger than what the whole situation is being projected to look like and be. Will Smith’s ego was triggered, and now we’re seeing a lot of what some were not expecting to see go down at the Oscars.

I don’t want to spend much more time on this post, because I’m a be doing a You Tube Live video on it anyway. Was slapping Chris Rock a win? Did it help Will Smith in a way that showed Spiritual Growth and Elevation as not only a man, but a more Spiritual one for one’s higher GOOD for all and most importantly for G-d? Did it really help deal with any unfinished business with self first and foremost, and then with his bad marriage and Spiritual relationship with Jada?

And what message do you think was really sent out? All you have to do is take another look at all the reactions and comments etc. floating throughout social media of those who were like: “HELL YEAH!” While others were like: “What did this negro just do!?” Will Smith to me, was showing you an example of having no Spiritual control of house due to ego.

Will Smith Ego Entanglement and The House of the Ego 3 Reasons 2 Know

  1. The house of the ego is the one where people’s ego ‘s hangout at, and no different than something similar to a halfway house.
  2. The house of illusions
  3. Where one’s personality(s) congregate, and used as a do whatever you want to do spot with no responsibilities.

I’ll leave y’all with that for now to think about. And I’ll throw this out there too. I’m not really saying that the ego is the major culprit. There’s also something what is called the Super Ego too. All and all, it’s dealing with boiling over of feelings, emotions, actions, reactions, lowering of self-esteem, loss of self-control, impulse and a whole lot more.

And when you show to have no divine control as far as one’s house is concerned, it tends to show to be a battle, everyday is the battle of the mind is it not? Something that, I been bringing awareness to for years have I not? And on a end note I’ll end with this. Something I tend to quote and share with people all the time.philippians 2:3  

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. #Canuimagine

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