Me Too Movement Involved In Tavis Smiley Getting Popped And Ordered To Pay 1.5 Million To PBS


Guess you might be wondering why I’m doing a post on this. Well, I ran across some talk about it, and listened a little bit, and decided to look into it a bit more. Why? Because the name itself was very familiar: “Tavis Smiley” a very well know talk show host that I think probably would also ring as bell with some if naught many of you. I recall watching some of his interviews throughout time, I think he was even doing some when BET was really popping wasn’t he?


Anyway, as you can read from the title, yes he got popped off in court and ordered to pay 1.5 million. Why? The #MeTooMovement strikes again! According to what I read, he was in contract with the famous broadcasting who we all know of, which is PBS. Allegations were being made of some Sexual Misconduct acts being carried out by him in the workplace. Suspended in 2017, and then fired shortly after after PBS said it received multiple, credible information leading up to allegations.


Then the source said that there was a wave of #MeToo reports by powerful figures in movies, certain media, politics etc. And when you think about it, this situation is also right during the allegations against, and guilty verdict handed out to ol’ Harvey Weinstein; a conviction in New York City of rape and sexual assault against two women.


So, Tavis Smiley decided to to go at PBS for firing him by filing a lawsuit against PBS in February, 2018 for racial bias, and then they bust back, which led to him loosing the bid to get PBS lawsuit thrown out. That didn’t workout. There’s so much that I’m naught even up to typing it. So now here we are in 2020, and I’m reading that he got found guilty, and gotta pay up that 1.5 mill for violation of contract.


And now, my take on it. I hope that y’all can see what’s really possibly going on. Have you asked self why the many of those who are and may be on their way to were in good positions of power and influence are getting popped off? Many of those who you see going down I guess have either been hiding their acts really good, or there’s a domino affect taking place with those who have been abusing their positions of power. Or, these type of people have been being protected by?????



Or, maybe the Supreme Creator and universe is fed up and shaking things up. Either way, whether you or I feel like he was engaging in these acts, which there’s also something I read about a settlement made between him and some woman prior to. Clearly that is saying something in itself that there has been some freaky stuff going on between the brotha and his fellowette subordinates. All this mess is shakey, and we all should be learning from it.I also listened to what he had to say in the video interview with ABC News where he’s expressing his self about the situation, and his ownership and being the face of his company.



Now, could part of this be about stripping him because????? I say this because there were some concerns that he had about naught being able to face his accusers. So, I feel like this; being that the whole #MeToo is involved. A lot of this also involves some shaking up and law pushing on the political side. So, I’m a bring it to you like this… I would encourage those who are out here in the public involved in organizations, the workforce/workplace to be on your better integrity fueled behave game, and naught be getting caught up in these sex acts, and be more on point and in control of your sexual fantasies, and desires, because clearly you see what is happening.


And furthermore, it’s definitely naught a good look when it comes to our people, because we have top work even harder to clear our name and image due to labeling and stereotyping as it is. I can look at this any type of way, and be on some that’s what he get shhh… but I’m naught, he the one that has to deal with it, and from the looks of it, it’s a very, very big price to pay for naught striving to fight harder to resist the temptation. But if he didn’t and there was a due process situation. Then it’s naught right, which makes things one-sided, which then there can be no real justice for either seen. Be naught fooled, there’s always more to it. I just really hope that he didn’t do the shhh…


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