14:14 – What Is It Why And Does It Apply

The Experience I Had Yesterday Was Unexpected

When 14:14 is sent

So a little while ago, I  happened to run across a 14:14 in a picture taken months ago. Coincidence? I don’t think it is. I was actually trying to find another picture, and boom! This finds me!

There it was appearing as if it was telling me to look no further. When I checked the date, it showed that, I took it some months ago. Wednesday April 14th 2021. And what I’m coming to find out is that. This 14:14 is considered as basically an angel interpretation.

But 14:14 That’s Military Time Isn’t It?

Yes, and no. My phone is not set on military time. But from the little that I do know is that, it’s what’s called: “Double Hour” (#twinhour ) (#twinhours ). So, could it be a message and or reminder being sent by a #guardianangel to remind me? Reminding me to stay Focused and to know that, I’m on the right track? To also remember the importance of continuing to keep setting aside unhelpful things and that may well include people too? Maybe.

I’m also now realizing that, it could also be a way of reminding me, letting self know that. One has the power to change things; if one’s life isn’t where it could and should be. (Change It!) And to not settle for situations that may be a part of the weighing heavily on the mind, body and Spirit.

Take A Listen 2 the Song called: “The Blessin

To keep striving to move forward beyond inaction (Idleness) because it, and instability are a party to one and the other. Where time would then be wasted, which then is in part of putting you behind. What I’m getting is that, this may be for the purpose of making me aware of the fact that. Necessary guidance is playing a part in this; especially during such times that we are all facing, which clearly is what I’ve been promoting, The Battle of the Mind.

14:14 caught on my phone screen while it was charging.
Picture of phone while charging


14:14 Is It Good News?

So even while going through and facing whatever one has and or is facing when it comes to difficulties in life. Some of the many challenges faced. I’m finding out that, it is said that, the situations will improve. Good News right? That happiness that I Spiritually work so hard to reach, see and deserve all while fighting for one’s rights and liberties.

Being in control of one’s own life is an important piece of my own puzzle of life that I share. Learning to do what it takes is hard lemme tell you. To be able to connect with what helps in your dealings is something I found to be of great importance. Been learning and working on that. I just want to reap the fruits of my labors of light work. I strive to be a builder in whatever I’m into.

Learning how to interact, and communicate be it with people and or when it comes to some type of relationship. One with someone who we all should have that need to do it with, a life partner.


“Defraud (Deprive) ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency. ( Lacking in self-control.”)~ 1 Corinthians 7:5


The Angel of The 14:14

The angel that I’m now finding out is behind all of this… Veuliah. An angel who is said will help with overcoming one’s fears and limits that either you set on yourself. Or, when it comes to some people’s showing of the tendencies to try and use force and unhealthy authority on me. Helping to Deal with one’s own inner demons, and also assisting when it comes to evil spirited folks?

Helping with the freeing up of Anxiety, and Domination along with the giving of qualities such as Abundance, Progress and Prosperity is what I’m finding out is also behind this 14:14 from this particular angel.

The Association

I’m also finding out that, this angel Veuliah is also associated with another very well-known angel, the Archangel Michael who is his governing Archangel according to what I read, and now know. 

What Why And Does It Apply

Based off of the little that I do know now when it comes to what the 14:14 is all about. I have an even better standing to it’s basic meaning. But why now? Why it’s now popping up? For me, that’s just how the power of the most high almighty God works I guess. And as far as whether it applies to me, and where I am in mind, body and Spirit today.

At this very moment in time as I type these thoughts. I’m listening to something, and also reading at the same time. There is a lot, and I mean A LOT is coming to me, and I’m truly grateful to be able.

What I know is that, 14:14 total value of (14+14) equals 28. And based off of what I know to be the truth based on facts of one’s own life events, it applies. I’m also reading that, I tend to be one who it takes a lot to get to him (Truth by Facts). Someone with a strong protection against life’s little surprises? Along with a femine presence playing a big part in one’s life. Hmmm….


Seeking out needed confidence, and said that, my gift for bringing people together projects Diplomat traits! Timing, yes timing; and how I know how to give out information to the right person at the right time.

Now ask self, based off of my character, and what you see through me: “Doe’s that script fit me!?” If so, then I guess the answer is yes, it applies. Oh….. but are you one of those readers who don’t think so? If so, then I invite you to Checking out the video below from the Battle of the Mind album with the song called: #IWasSentand then reread the above again.

So anyway, there is so much more to say on this, and I could go on and on, but I’m a end it here for now. None of this was an actual plan, because I was actually about to do a smaller post on my Instagram. But, it started to get a bit lengthy, so I said: “I mine as well just gone and do a post here on my blog.” Peace and Reconciliation are daily thoughts, goals and part of mission. There’s even something indicating the end of love quarrels and a return to harmony (Reconcile). Something that, I know for a fact that I’ve clearly been working on, and towards.

So how did I get to this point of what I now know? I was lead to the meaning, the source link is below. The true God’s Plan? And so on an end note. May something read, and listened to help to elevate you. Did you find something that you learned new, and helped? I did #CanUImagine.

When A Chief Speaks

Source Article: Mirror Hour

14:14 Meaning   

You Tube Video Clip: I Was Sent

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