Give And They Still May Not Appreciate

Men can think that they gone win these showing to be ungrateful a** women over all they want, by thinking their going to buy and supply her (Their) every want and need with whatever her mind and heart desires, and I say to you: “You’re fooling self.”

But keep this in mind. Women have already been given some of the most precious and important attachments that, clearly can be bought, but can never be as good nor compare to the original, and natural image. These attachments are from the creator (God) and from the looks of it, those attachments clearly show to naught be good enough for some; (Covered and Replaced) any idea to why?😕

😏 Seems like a choice to me, but that’s just me. But if any, the question would be to self would be: “If what God already has given her (Woman) a certain beauty that is shown to no longer be desirable, pleasing and good enough, nor appreciated; then what makes a man who would show to care enough to do whatever he can to try to do for and give a woman any and everything in hopes to win her over satisfy in hopes to aid her pursuit of happiness think that what you are trying be, and do would truly be appreciated?”

This is something that oneself needs to really ask when it is clearly shown that the programming is strong on either (Man Or Woman) to be ashamed of, hate, alter and disregard seeing, loving, and appreciating what’s real by the wilful acceptance of what is fake, now feel free to find a way to prove these truths wrong, I’ll be watching. This is just a little something for my visitors, and readers to ponder on, because Something is very wrong, and naught right. Guess it’s just another example of the #battleofthemind right?

And when it comes to women nowadays; they tend to spend too much time and energy in wanting to always be right, which possibly leaves them blind to seeing her very own wrongs. The one’s that are clearly shown, especially when it comes to the ID. There’s a crisis going on, a lot of leading astray, ship jumping, turncoat selfish minded back and forth “who right, who’s wrong going” on both sides, and what’s failed to be realized is that, it’s something that you either choose to recognize, analyze and work towards comprehending and correcting the errors on both sides, or you don’t.

All the UN excusable excuses to fall out of grace, and alignment with the creator (God) just to willfully bend to the will of those who work and do everything in their power to mock the divine image, and to have that feel of a temporary high of thinking: “I got this and can’t nobody tell me shhh….” type on mentality just to do what you wanna do in the end. That shhh… is a mental, and spiritual spiral. It’s a Psycho, and Spiritual warfare, #CanUImagine?

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