Give Respect When It’s Due “Certified”

Give Respect When It's Due
Still think there isn’t any real reppahz from those day’s back in time?  The time for those who showed up, and showed out while doing their thing spittin’ lyrics through the mic. Yes, some of those rap kattz who came before, and laid it down before those are the ones who I’m talking about. The one’s who were doing it for Kzoo still rapping or not they still showed to play a part.

Respect When Due

A part in repping, and that’s where I’m at rite now, just on a whole other level. Aw yea, why of course it is, and for me it’s truly important to let it be known that there are still real reppahz for Kzoo. In a way where it shows the walk, and come up. Something for some that appears to be easy, but was far from it.
As some try to paint the picture with the Fat-man living and that it’s nothing anybody can do it. And they can however, there’s a lot more to it than just that. This is why I strive to reach people especially if ya in Kzoo, in hopes that you can see. Being able to say in all honesty that the work placed before you in this post is based on facts.

When It Comes to Being Certified

What I’m saying is on point or it’s not creatively, and truthfully speaking though, you’ll know after watching and listening. That this is real knowledge being typed, and rap music that from a Kzoo and street point of view. Only those who know, the struggles one faced back in the day’z and time of the hardcore street life know. Who know of the many, many obstacles that one either fell victim to, or strove, and sacrificed. And to make it through the many obstacles faced, and can be verified is what is considered as Certified.
I been telling y’all that this ain’t about who got the most money, material and finer things in life. It’s about the experience and not allowing those who don’t know the hardships to undermine. Nontheless to also not be play with, and overlook for the sake of a paid for image. Holds no weight when it comes to ones everyday situations and real struggles just to survive in animal Kzoo.

So as a creative rap artist who paints the picture, I invite you to watch, view and listen to the lyrics of this artist “Me!” The one who clearly shows to not to play with the art of making rap music for awareness purposes. Showing to be brave enough to just express, and share my thoughts on the necessary.

Worthiness Matters

Making rap music is something that, I cose to do, and in a way that’s like no other. Also showing that, I don’t do it just for me, but Kzoo too. Hitting my listeners with with a little of all of the good, bad and ugly so that it’s clear that respect as well as honor must be given to the ones work. Someone like self who showing to carry the torch for those before me, who “Walked It Rough” in their time, and deserves respect if earned, and that’s #Rilla. “I holds it down, just call me weight.”
When a Chief Speaks

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