It Even Happened to Darth Vader? – Must See Video!

 It Happened to Vader
So men, especially the ones of my tone. Just when you thought you were the only one who goes through the whole love at first sight, attracted to, and find yourself moved by the presence of a woman who ya digging. Yep! Even Lord Darth Vader has a story to tell about his encounter and experience with a woman. Vader doe?
“Naaaa…… not the one who we all know very well from Star wars, The Empire Strikes back and The Return of the Jedi who showed to possess and hold it down with the force of the dark-side. I know you saying it couldn’t possibly happen to him”

Darth Vader Snaps

Not sorry to tell you guys but yep, it even happened to Lord Vader. Darth Vader slowly found himself falling in love, but in the same breath found himself feeling like an idiot. Why? You’ll have to watch the video. Whats my point though? My point is that, clearly the power, and even presence of a woman who ya feeling would move even the hardest and quite powerful man’s mind, and will have him feeling, doing and or wanting to do things that he never could see possible to doing be it good or bad. I find this video not only to be funny and true, but also very interesting, but that’s just me.

It Can Happen to You

Yes, #TheArtist4thePeople does have a humorous side, and in all honesty, Full of character, and I feel like this. If you real with yourself and can see life beyond all the over emotional and caught up in ya feelings moment as a man. I think you will also be able to relate to the video, get a kick out of it and at the same time get a little awareness to the fact that, if it can happen to a man as strong as Darth Vader, and who knows, you may even appreciate this video and the fact that: “What makes you think that, it can’t happen to you?”
And to you women, y’all can watch and see how y’all actually be moving guys in the way she did lord Vader in the video now say ain’t so. Why you women be playing with men like that? Or did Vader jump the gun too fast. Or was she wrong and led vader on? Was Trust breached? Enjoy, and to the men out there: “May the force be with ya when falling for and or into a woman #InTheseDayzofTyme.”
When A Chief Speaks 

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