Some Of The Things Women Do That Shows Breach Of Trust

So let it be known that, when you have women out here (Black Women) who tend to act like their real wife/true down for you girlfriend/better 1/2 significant other or think they are on the close authentic relationship status.
But in the same breath are breaking the bond, being sneaky and doing shhh…. What do Black women do that shows a breach of trust? Well let’s see. For starts, going through katts pockets stealing, and info stalking on a katt phone truly believing in their mind that, that is real and some cool shhh…. to do.
These are some of the acts to how black women, and other races of women too, but right now, I’m talking about my race of people who are women who clearly show to be distrustful.
This is why there are so many screwed up relationships. Black women, you are continuing to hurt, use and let me of your own race down without even raising the question in your own mind to why?
Well, maybe it’s because you want to feel as if you are reclaiming a lost power, to naught feel as if you’re being controlled? You don’t want to listen unless it’s on your terms and feel as if you can say, and do whatever you want to say and do with no consequence, but then turn around and wonder why?
How? And since when has this type of insecure, it’s okay to try to play mind games with a man, turncoat betrayal type of shhhh…. ever been accepted and or tolerated from men who don’t play? WHEN?
I won’t wait just taking a break and wanted to put this right here for those who feel otherwise. 💪🔥💧💊 💯 😎
When A Chief Speaks

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