Kalamazoo Michigan Native Rap Artist Is Approached By Two Caucasians.

Was My Experience Good or Bad? Watch The Video And Find Out.

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

Like it or not, but programmed hate is being pushed. You still have a choice too though. A choice to either be mentally enslaved. Misguided by others beliefs, thoughts, anger and imbalanced feelings and or emotions. Or, you find a way to break the chains that have been placed on your mind. I don’t see anyone being born a hater of someone’s race. To me, it is nothing more than another man/woman’s idea and push, and it works quite well wouldn’t you say?

So, after watching this video, and that’s if you did. Surprised? Shocked? Did you learn something and be honest. What were your first thoughts on the video before even watching it?

Were they Good or Bad? Was it worth taking the time to watch? Was there anything that you learned from it? A lot of questions I’m asking huh?

Well, that just goes to show you how important it is to ask questions. One might not see this video to be of importance, you may even be in total disagreement with the video. But ask your self: “Is it worth thinking about in the end?

And just so one knows, this was not one of my plans, I was just a part of the plan. One that, I knew not of; that would be laid out by the Creator (God/Allah) and the Universe. What happened was bigger than just what happened that day, it was meant, and now I too have a choice.

The Choice

A choice to either shed light on it even though it might not be for entertainment. Something that some have a thirst for and seek. But a way to show that, what we do, and how we spend our time. We are truly responsible for the actions we take either good or bad, and what you choose to do.

With what? Our mind, time and energy, you are the one who must CHOOSE to find a way. And there is, you just have to take the time out to see it. Whats your take on the video?

Was it a pretty good one? Let me know what you think, and your views on racism in America. Do people really be hiding their true feelings towards others of a different race by putting on a mask? Is it okay to be a racist. So long as you don’t infringe, disrespect and or violate someone Else’s rights and life.

People meed to make the decision to challenge what needs to be challenged. Some shall show to continue to allow lies to stand. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Peace, and many blessings from the artist 4 the people.

When A Chief Speaks

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