Problems are addon stressors that hitcha

Problems are addon Stressors and hitcha when least expected.

Problems are addon stressors

Yes, me when unwanted problems and issues popup. Which are one of the many stressors and certain situations that like it or not, you just have to face. They come out of the thin air, and when least expected. And that’s exactly what happened to me! for days prior to, I’ve already been feeling quite a bit off and then.

I woke up and decided to make some room in my phone storage by moving some pictures and videos. Everything was cool until I noticed something, which led up to my reason for doing what I did. The file was “HIGHLIGHTED.”

Thought the data was moving, it lagged a little so I unplugged the cable to start the process over. However, when that certain file was nolonger there, all data that was, is nolonger. That is a big problem, and that’s why the moment in the picture is. In my head I’m saying: ” Self, you saw that shhhh. and didn’t even catch it.”

Problems Are Addon Stressors

Finally, my thoughts of the day are, that no matter what and how you feel. Problems gone arise. What I’ve learned is that they do, and will and sometimes for bigger reasons that you can try, but can’t ignore. Unwanted and unnecessary problems and situations only add on to some of what you already are possibly facing.

Which are other forms of stress. And the thing about it, it hits me on a whole different level. These type of things that happen are holdups, setbacks, losses and overwhemingly time obsorbing. And if you’re an recording artist/producer like me, and have lost any of your creativety work.

From lost pics, to video and audio recordings if you lost it, you can feel my dilemma, and though possibly temporary (Hopefully) I can’t see anyone wanting to take loses, but I’m working on it though. it’s one helleva process that I have to start, and it’s not guaranteed that I’ll recover that over 7 GB’s of pics and videos, I’m working on it to be continued. #CanUimagine

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