Woman Accused Of Stabbing Man And Child?

So, I was just put up on how a 28-year-old woman accused of stabbing 35-year-old man, and child. Any idea why this is?😐

I mean wasn’t it just a similar situation that just took place, but in reverse?πŸ˜• and resulted in the death of woman, child and then took his own life in Kalamazoo on the South side?πŸ˜’Still can’t see the pattern huh?πŸ™ˆ

You still can’t see the war being waged on man, woman and child huh? Too busy to see it? Allowing self to be caught up, distracted and too occupied to see what is #RightBe4UrEyez.

And what is right before your eyes is a situation where it naught just affects either or (Man) (Woman), but also child and the relationship and home setting as a whole.

This is one of the things that happen, and allows me to laugh, and challenge black women, and or women in general when I see some of these type of stories.

Black women have so much to say about how men are womanizer’s, abusers, and quick to throw the social pity post parties on Facebook about how women are catching such a bad deal, and break.

They tend to have so much to talk about when men commit these type of acts on women, but have less than nada to say when they see that the same type of acts are also being carried out by other women.Β 

Any idea why? And here’s another thought for the one who can accept the truth πŸ’Š for what it is, and take a hard bitter swallow.

Is I me? Or does it appear to seem as if these type of situations always happen around this time of the year?😐 I bring this up, because it’s important to see that, its way more to it than just the situation being looked at as just a coincidence.

This is naught a coincidence. No, we don’t know the situation to the possible why? But what we do know is that, time, and the reality of seeing it happening may be ignored, but naught denied.

I say it all the time: “Nothing matters without the calmness of the Creator (God’s) goodness. You don’t know what is on people’s mind, and what they might be going through, and this rule goes for man, woman and child.Β 

Let me be clear. This is a spiritual warfare (Holy War) that we all are facing, and to naught pay attention will cause one to miss what needs to be seen.

There’s a straight forward pattern to situations like this, and I hope that you the reader will find something that I typed helpful in how you are able to better discern the message sent through situations like this #InTheseDayzofTyme. But, again you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Link to the story is below.

When A Chief Speaks


Wood TV Woman accused of stabbing man, and child on the south-side in Kalamazoo.



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