Yukmouth Speaks On The Tekashi 6ix9ine Testify Situation

Remember the artist who said: “Money can’t save you life from the wrath that was already written, better put ya faith in God and ask for forgiveness?” As you all know, this whole Tekashi 6ix9ine situation of him testifying on his (CREW) (GANG) is gaining quite a bit of attention, exposure and it should give you some more incite as well as awareness to the repetitive fact of the same ole same ole when it comes to all of this music industry entertainment added to madness mess when it comes to it all.
There is no need for an opinion from me, when it comes to reality for what is being projected throughout this whole situation that in the end merely shows how the music business and even life seems to be under attack, and high-jacked by the actions of those who could care less about the safety and security of life as an artist using all the tools that will help one be able to be creative and tell one’s story by the right to freely express.
What I see is industry artist’s devouring one another using the street shhh… that has now boiled over into what should be and supposed to be a safer outlet for the releasing of construct, naught destruct energy ya dig. And that I say is what one should clearly see as the art, and creativity is under fire, and on the chopping block as well as being slowly destroyed due to what and who???? These are the questions that should be asked. You mean to tell me that y’all couldn’t see this whole situation coming? So, who’s to blame is what I asked Yuk, and I also touched on how none of this is helping US, but is helping who, but which who is the question. 
Look how the whole blood and crips gang are continuing to pop up in all of this, and it only projects all of the negative light, but naught the positive one when it comes to either. I just feel like there’s so much more to it all, and young dudes like this Tekashi 6ix9ine katt is and was being used as a pawn, none of my biz…. but merely my thoughts on how we tend to allow ourselves to be the most used now figure that out #CanUImagine As my saying is….. “They Build You Up just 2 Break You Down.” Now ask self was this the case in this case. Anyway, as I said I found this video that YukmouthTV did as he speaks on the situation interesting, and much of what he addressed, I agree to disagree with but S/O to the boi Yuk from the Bay, because I been a supporter of his music work for many years, and that’s why I’m doing this post, I don’t take sides, I just tell like it as I see it, and like it is no fluff.
As far as this Tekashi 6ix9ine thing is concerned, and the whole snitch thing, I gave y’all the song #Suspects in 2011 did you listen and pay attention? It’s a sad situation in the end because here it is somebody’s child who blew up and was helped to come up in this music game who proudly moved around with the type of attitude (Invincible) and money and fame will protect him from being held accountable. A young dude in his (20’s) in the music industry that in the end is showing that he may have been an agent of chaos for whatever y’all want to see it to be, was used just for that care to say otherwise? I have no interest in the tearing down of someone who is less seasoned, he made the choices he made with no better balance and intent for the greater good. What should we be learning from this?
It’s bigger than this dude, and it all had to happen. All and all as I said, it all evolves back to what? Hopefully y’all seeing it for what it is, and learning from it, because just like him (Tekashi 6ix9ine) everyone appears to want their child to be the next up and coming, but remember what the last went through and do you want that for your child too? Is this how it is supposed to end? I also recall this dude stating to “Test his Gangster” and what’s being the hottest and having when you can’t even enjoy it. And that’s just what they the Government did. And the programming continues.
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