Do Some People Want Power Just To Become Controllers And Abusers Of It?

Some people are very well-known abusers of power. First, think about the that is abused and then think of some people who just may be abusers of power.

Many of these type of people are known to be on a straight power trip simply because maybe whatever allows one to be granted those certain powers have been known to go overboard due to their lack in taking heed to what power tripping has done to others who chose to do the same before them.

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I can’t stand people who do this, because in the end those who are somehow affected by the acts of those who are excising those powers are the ones to suffer in the end all because of a those who allow themselves to get lost in the thrill in itself of having certain powers that feel so good to them that it’s like a super high. One that eventually you will have to come down from sooner or later.

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There are many levels of power, andWith great power comes an even greater responsibility ever heard of that saying?

If you haven’t then you have now, and when you think about responsibility in itself, one should see how important it is for whomever possesses and or is given and granted a certain position of power, you should also keep in mind how important it is to naught become an abuser.

I can go on, and on but my point is that, when people do this you gotta be willing to call them out on their abusiveness, and make sure that you show them exactly where the abuse is coming into play.

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When I look at myself and my position as a recording artist and music producer, I have certain responsibilities ya dig… to how I choose to use these powers given.

I can use to abuse or, I can use in hopes that I will do some good with them. An office you might say, there are responsibilities that come with the holding of an office isn’t it?

Gotta make sure that things as well as the businesses of the office are tended to and are better in order and that in itself is very important, well it should be anyway. Click Here—-> Music 4 the Mind

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So, ask yourself ARE YOU A ABUSER OF POWER?” Who are some people who you can think of who fits this description, and what does it take in order to get them to see their illnesses for correction.

If something is wrong, it must be corrected, and in order for that to manifest one must be able to see their own illnesses in error, and work towards making the necessary corrections wouldn’t you say?

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But this is naught easy, because in this world that we live in many want power, but naught the responsibility that comes along with it.

So many finger pointers, but yet no one with the courage to admit their own faults, and that for them is used as a means of a way out of man ING and woman ING up, and guess where a lot of that is seen that we see projected on the daily?

In the Political, and government realm.



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