Man Choked By Officer At Waffle House

Alright, so here’s my take so far on this. From what I read and watched in the video. They “CNN” says that it’s unclear to what took place up to the point where the police officer arrived on the scene responding to a call because of a fight with a Waffle House Employee. So, dude gets choked, he’s screaming at the officer to get his hands off him and ended up getting slung to the ground and charged with Disorderly conduct and Resisting Obstruction.
Well, seems as if it’s now getting to be a bit of a risk to even go to a Waffle House to eat being that things like this are kicking off at a public place, and mind you this is naught only the 1st, 2nd, but third situation that has taken place at a Waffle House so far. The first was the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee (The South) where they say a black man took action against the assailant, which was a young Caucasian guy who start popping off rounds leaving four dead. Then there’s another one where a black woman at a Waffle House in Alabama (The South) had a run in that eventually led to being arrested. Oh, did I mention a fourth? Yep, a Waffle House shooting in Norfolk Va. (The South) and now this one.
I’ll be waiting to see what happens in this situation as it tends to be another intense encounter where a black man/ black people on video getting wrapped up in a web of conflict of police altercations, which shows brutality, excessive use and abuse of force, and authority and even possibly shot and killed by police officers in the process. It’s just way too early, but I will say this. I would truly encourage those of you (Young and Older) who see, read and watch this video to find a way to learn from it.
You can look at it however you want, and feel however you want about it, be mad, pissed, in raged etc. that is your choice in right. But ask self is it helping? I think the most important thing that you can do as a black man, men and women of color and or what and whoever else you see self as. If you do nothing else; take the time to look, listen and learn from these situations that are taking place right now. Learn? Is what you might say. “Yea, learn that Police can do what they want to black people, and get away with it because they have the authority and power to do so?

Video Shows a North Carolina Officer

Choking A Man Outside of a Waffle House

N….ope! Naught at all. What I am saying is that, do naught think for a second that this is just happening as well as other incidents just because they feel they have those powers to. What many of you have failed to see and realize is that a lot of things as well as laws etc have changed. People’s attitudes are changing on both sides. There’s a tug of war taking place and guess who’s getting caught in the middle? You, and or your children. Based off????? Let’s just say for the hell of it conditioning and propaganda as well as social programming and the feeding of continuous fear just may be being pumped and dumped.
Black people (Black Americans) especially the young generation are placing themselves in situations to be seen as an immediate threat if naught already before; definitely after the fact that these police officers are already possibly seeing you as something such as a (Threat), the enemy, and God knows what else. My point? If you already know that there’s a possibility to something. Why would you place yourself in a situation where it proves these people to be right? And now giving them reason to these already possible power tripping police officers who may or may naught be particularly on some race hate mess. But you think giving them a reason to be able to now exercise it (Race Hate) legally is the way? I think naught. 
So, I say to you, the one who has made it this far by taking the time to read what I have to say in regard to the ongoing tension between these police officers and black people. If you haven’t done nothing wrong, then why create one? Let me be very clear. “YOU DO NAUGHT KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE POSSIBLY DEALING WITH” so it’s your choice to either; STOP aiding by agitating by getting yourself pumped up by whatever, and whoever to act just as bad as the ones who you are saying wronged you. This isn’t about being scared and being punk’d out and violated by these whomever they are police nutty acting, control induced police officers if that is the case. This is about you now using your Spiritual common senses to deal with those who act senseless. Your life should mean more. Meaning… that, you should be doing more like educating self and naught allowing yourself ego to lead to automatic flare ups and pissy fitting attitudes. Check out this update on how a breakdown is being done on how black people are being shown to be in attitude mode. —> Waffle House Is Under Fire
Mother’s and Father’s should be having talks with their children knowing that they are going out into (The Jungle) no matter what city and State you are in within the United States areas where situations are known to erupt, which will lead to police being called. And then? I think you already know. Example? If you watched the video, I think you can now see what I am saying and where I am coming from. And most importantly rebuilding one’s relationship with the creator (God) to help guide one’s better discernment.
Now, one question would be Was the officer wrong? Why of course. He was wrong for the excessive use in the choice of force chosen. But you can only say so much, because unless you truly know what went on prior to what led up to the officer feeling as if he needed to take it that far, it’s in the air. Was dude a part of the fight with the employee? In the end this will only lead to more built-up anger, aggression filled animosity towards police officers, police officers will now have a reason to be even more nervous and trigger happy, which will then lead to more room for agitation, more fear, more laws, more policy then comes the reason. Mind you this happened in NC North Carolina (The South). That too is also something to think about. My thoughts, your views and opinion, but opinions mean nothing, it’s about setting the record straight.
When A Chief Speaks
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