Pretendacon Friends are not Good one’s They’re liability one’s

So, my reasons to why I’m almost to that point. That point? Yes, that point, the point to where I’m slowly losing interest in what I see to be truly NOT needed, and that’s Pretendacon friends. The one’s who show indications that give you good reason to feel the way you feel.

With LIEabilities, at least that’s how I feel about it. These are the type who go around thinking that they can lean on, count on, depend on and really trust you, the one who shows the much-needed character. Especially In These Day’z of Tyme but clearly, for hidden agenda purposes is the only time they tend to show any when it comes to them.
And though it truly shows to be a much higher demand for real friendship, partnership. Relationship, companionship, fellowship. and those who just plain ole’ know how to project their own unique genuine them without the mask wearing and filters.

Pretendacon nigs gone still do what they do. I really don’t hate to say it, but it’s getting to that point to for your own good, safety and protection purposes. Being even more aware, screening, using a filter and vetting people is going to be a big necessary. Why? Because some mess it up for others, yes, a spoiling almost ROTTEN to the core @$$ niggracon apple does taint the rest of the barrel more on that though in the next post.

So anyway, like I was typing, some of these people out here nowadays; through their acts and ways provide you a good reason to.
A good reason to just say: “F*** em.” Yep, that’s exactly what you’re reading if you found this post. “Did I read right to what is right before my eyes of what I think he typed” is what you, the reader may be saying in your head right now. And you know what? You damn right, I typed it, and I mean it too. But why?

But why, why would I say such when I claim to be the artist 4 the people? Because I think we all can agree that we come to that point in time to where you have to feel like:

“I’m tired, tired of people trying to mentally play games with me, trying to undermine, and basically take me to be some type of nig who can’t see nor think type of a fool” am I right?

The one’s who underestimate you by looking at you’re being a kindhearted, humble Spirited man (Being) that cares, as a joke. I go through a lot of this all the time, and this is why I share my thoughts about subjects such as this. And I say: “Move on better accord and be not hesitant to feed those who show fake acts in their ways with a very long spoon, and love from a distance.” #canuimagine

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