Spiritual Illusions Cause Confusion – 3 Reasons Why I’ve Been MIA But Still Online

Spiritual Illusions Cause Confusion

F*** Waldo Where’s Adam the Great X!

I’m back! Yes, I’m back like I left something, but probably not by popular demand though. So, these are my thoughts of the day from yours truly, Adam the Great X the artist 4 the people. Where am I going with this you might be wondering? You may be saying: “What so you’re having Spiritual Illusions that are confusing you?”

Na, I’m not saying that, but I do feel like I am experiencing something that relates to it. That’s why there’s 3 reasons to why I’ve been MIA (Missing in action) but still online. Yes, outta site but yet still in mind.  And as I tend to always say: “Same soup warmed over and over again.”

Misled and Fed the same thing just with a different spoon. When I see some of what I see, that’s how I feel especially when it comes to some of the much that’s taking place In Theses Dayz of Tyme.

So, when I speak on Illusions lead to confusions, I’m talking about the many events that are taking place. Those that are right be 4 ur eyez. I’ll use the what’s going on between Ukraine and Russia as an example. Here it is, you have that situation going on. And then, you have what’s going on with you just trying to make it through whatever life obstacles you’re facing.

Awareness on Spiritual Illusions Cause Confusion

Are you with me so far? So, where does Spiritual come into play in this you might ask? Well for me, and to me it’s all Spiritual and there are many illusions that lead to confusions in one’s own life and mind. That’s just how I see things, and whether you can see, believe and want to accept what I’m saying or not. I’m saying it by typing it, and it’s all on you to seek, find, read, think about what’s being said and then; ask your own questions.

Those 3 Reasons Due to Spiritual Illusions Cause Confusion

So, there are three reasons why I been haven’t been putting up post touching on some of what somewhat has an impact on us.

  • Striving to figure out how build and keep my own life and business affairs together and in order
  • Struggling to find balance while going through one’s own madness
  • Serenity is important when it comes to my life long process of working on one self’s personal and Spiritual development

Spiritual Illusions are everywhere, and I know this, which tends to cause some issues in one’s everyday walk in life. A game of tug of war being played in and one’s mind in this game of life. Exercising critical thinking is a must, because jumping the gun thinking only leads to even more confusion. And even though I’ve been feeling this way, I still been online from time to time. All the mainstream media coverage on all that’s going on everywhere in the world tends to be a bit much mentally wearing and tearing on the mind and Spirit.

The Overwhelming Feeling of Spiritual Illusions That Cause Confusion

It’s hard enough on you just trying to make it, and what I mean by make it I mean make it out of situations in life just to see any worth and meaning to even want to move forward. It’s even much more harder though for those who can see what others choose not to. That in itself is a big challenge. It seems like certain mafas be in on the shenanigans and it makes my head hurt. And then, you have the the spiritual tug of war on your mind when it comes to social media drug that doesn’t show to make it no better.

I’ve found myself slowly stepping back from it all due to asking myself what is truly more important to me. Unlike some, I’ve worked on this in order to be able to do so, and it ain’t easy. Do not misunderstand what I’m saying. The creative work and content that I put online is very important to me, as well as those who I’ve reached and possibly helped. I appreciate all those who show their presence through connection. So, this is my way of reaching out and showing my appreciation to and for those who can truly feel where I’m coming from. All I can do is encourage you, the reader to think about what I’m saying.

Spiritual Illusions Cause Confusions for A Reason

Doing these post alone are time consuming, and can also be overwhelming but I still strive to do them. It’s work and it’s my work that actually helps me too. It helps me to know that, I might help someone by something said and or touched on when I post. So, with all the above typed, I’m a end with this right here. I give reminders and nothing more to the importance of remembering familiar thoughts.

You have many trying to really make you forget what you were asked to remember. Check this out. While on this topic, I found this relevant that, I’m using as a source to help you see where I’m coming from. Shout out from the artist 4 the people to Spacious Faith: This story of Jesus in the wilderness is completely foreign to our experiences in many ways. Still, at its heart, it is about this central struggle of our spiritual lives: coming to terms with illusion. Because what the devil tries to do here is to get Jesus to accept comfortable spiritual illusions over more difficult spiritual realities.”

Hmmm…. should give you more of a reason to think about what I’m saying right? Or you don’t.

When a Chief Speaks

Source: Tempted By Spiritual Illusions

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