The importance of subscribers

The importance of subscribers is something I wanted to touch on today.

the importance of subscribers

How important are they? Whats the big deal about them? Here are my thoughts of the day in regards to what and why, and hopefully they should help ya out a little. Sunscriber can be a very good thing especially for artist like me.

See, for me, I see them as super important, which I’ve come to learn throughout time. So allow me to type a little breakdown to who and what they are, and furthermore why they’re so important.

The Importance of Subscribers What Does It Mean?

You see, and hear of them a lot do you not? But what are subscribers and what does the mean to have them? A subscriber is: “one or more people who contribute to being a part of and connected for certain reasons.” In short, better connected to, and or with something and or, someone.

So whether it’s subscribing to someone’s website/blog, email list, to channels of artist’s like self who are on YouTube. They show interest in favorite bussinesses/companies etc. So basically, subscribers are people and or other businesses/companies etc. Doing so for the purpose also following something and or people they really dig/like.

Take me, for example. I’m the artist 4 the people who is also a rap recording artist and smalltime producer of music. Who also invests time, money and energy in creating and delivering this dope media content for educational, and awareness purposes. Not only that, guess what someone like you who might be taking the time to read this can also do?

If you said subscribe, you’re super correct. Artist/people like myself  want and need visitors of my artist website/blog. As listeners of my music, watchers of some of my awareness video content. Or, maybe you’re just readers of what I might type as my thoughts of the day.

Better Connected

Subscribing allows you to be better connected and to get personal updates. You finding some of what I do worthwhile to either subscribe, and or follow helps not just me, but you too. Has it been helpful for me? Yes, just a little while ago Itook a look at my subscribers on wordpress, I don’t have many but grateful those who did.

They play a big part in my being motivated attempt to do this post. The importance of subscribers needed a little light shedded on the topic, so what better moment to do so. and and at the same time let my subscribers to know, how much ZooRilla appreciates them! So tell me, are you one? #CanUImagine

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