The mind games played with intent

The mind games played, and they try to run on you.


The mind games played


This won’t be a long post, and though I have plenty to do in life. For the purpose of bringing awareness, I care enough to take the time to touch on the subject matter. Expressing my thoughts of the day is a part of my passion and in addition to that. Some people show to try and play many mind games in these days of tyme.

The Mind Games Played Are Seeable

Clearly you gone have those who choose to exercise doing it and there’s a lot of examples. One’s that can be used as a reference and validation to the point oneself is making. Take deception for example. You have people out here who use deception with intent, and for whatever their reason may be.

In addition to this, it’s being carried out by those especially close who show to be on a mission to do it. Is anything cool about the feelin? I think not, especially when people show to do it with intent, and that intent may be to deceive. Oh, the games with the mind that some love and like to play is real, very real.

Games Played With Intent

Oh, and for the record, games played with intent, you’ll see come from both men and women just so we clear, but I think y’all already know that right? I even touched on how a woman will take time to listen and pay attention but to who? And furthermore, this applies to man too. My point? Neither gets a pass when showing signs of games being played with intent.

Showing to Be more focused

Some of the games played with the mind by mafas out here. Is why one has to strive to find and be more focused. This is something that you have to be working towards. Showing to be more focus, and very aware of this fact is a must, or you don’t.

We all have that opportunity to choose, and that’s where the most-high may well play the most important part. Why? Because though it may appear to be an easy decision when it comes to moments of decision making. It’s not, and that’s where taking time to chop it up with G-d, i.e., through prayer for more awareness to the mind games played.

Take the song below called: “Focused.”


Take a listen

In the song, I touch on how hard it was for me and what I chose to do in time. Showing to have some type of relationship with the almighty G-d Allah I can tell you helps you. To possibly see whatever, it is that one might need to see, that the most-high might need you to see. Especially when it comes to the dealings with these DECEPTIONCONZ out here who show to be doing the most in this game of life.

Don’t think so? I found this, something I took a picture of years ago and just happened to come across it. The markings placed are from almost 2 decades ago, WOW what was the chances? Haven’t placed verses in my post much lately, bout due.

came back across some scriptures I marked. Philippians 4

Anyway, just my thoughts of the day for you to think about, #canuimagine And my final thoughts are: “Be there for, and show to love and appreciate those who love you, and show to do the same, to be continued. #CanUImagine

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