What played a part in the cause of death of Coolio Revealed

What Led Up to His Death

What played a big part in the cause of death when it comes to this famous rapper, Coolio. Yesterday, while doing some other work and post online, I just so happened to come across this news. I was gone start the post of my thoughts on it, but I didn’t. So, I’m doing it now, because I feel that it’s an important topic and subject to breathe on.

And as The Artist 4 the People, doing so also sheds a little more light on situations like this in order for my followers, Subscribers, vistors and readers to get put up on topics like this that they probably would like to see, and know about.

What Led Up to His Death

From what I recall, the rapper Coolio died in September, 2022 while at a friends crib in Los Angele’s. It was said that, he was later found passed out in the bathroom where it was said that cardiac arrest play a part. At the time he was 59, and as a matter of fact, I think he had just had a birthday, which is August 1. It was also some other things listed such as: “Asthma” “Cardiomyopathy” and “Phenclidine” use.

What Played A Part

So, according to what I’m reading, and watched. The effects due to the traces of fentanyl, heroine and methamphetamine were the key players that were found in his system, and his death was ruled as accidental. You can watch the source video from abc 7 here. Coolio’s cause of death linked to mix of drugs, LA coroner says

Thoughts of The Artist 4 the People

There’s a lot that I would like to say, and can say when it comes to what I got from what was revealed when it comes to the death of yet another great, unique as well as creative rap recording artist like him. From my standpoint and view, he is and can be seen as one of the Pioneers of rap music for Los Angele’s, Califonia and the Westcoast. But the flipside of it is that, him growing up, and going through whatever he may have faced, had to deal with and made it through. Along with them came preasures, the type of preasure that sometimes leads to what?

What I also get after reading what was revealed in Coolio’s death was something that’ I kinda felt would pop up anyway. But why? Why would I feel that way about such a great rapper, and recording artist? Because for some strange ass reason, it seems like this tends to always somehow end up turning out to be. Which is the replicative case and outcome when it comes to famous, and successful black men and women of my race and tone. Yes, the ongoing and continuing struggle is real. The struggle and fight against it all just to make it out, only to somehow be tempted back in.

In These Dayz of Tyme

I always feel like that, there is much more to it though, and regardless to what was revealed, it really changes nothing when it comes to my thoughts then and now of him. But what it does allow me to see, and know more of is the possible message projected out whether looked at to be seen as good or bad. And I think that, him going through his struggles throughout life, and then showing to overcome those struggles by becoming successful by doing what he actually loved. But in the same breath, also showed the other possibility, which is and will always be there no matter how successful, famous and rich as you may become.

Serving Two Masters (God’s)

I’ll leave this for you to see, and decide for yourself to whether there’s room to see any possible to that being the case here. When looking at this from a Spiritual level, there is always room for it. And as a matter of fact, last night I was touching on something’s in relation to. Along with self, and that’s when “The Severving of two God’s” (Masters) came up, and possibly how Collio’s immune system just may have not been strong enough for his body to fight.

Now, am I saying that he was serving two masters? Nope, and to be enlighten you I feel like its more to it, but I don’t want to get into all that right now. All I’m saying is that, when you look at the drugs who and what are those drugs connected to spiritually? And if you look at how he was still possibly facing, and fighting an ongoing battle (The Battle of the Mind) and dealing with personal Demons as well as other demons in diguise. Him showing to be who he was, and his power to influence, rebuilding, and at the same time live his life but on another level and then out of the blue this happens, why?

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. “

1Peter 5:8

Anyway, so much to type on this, but I don’t want this to be any longer then it needs to be. So on an endnote, I’ll leave you with this: “Good or Bad, if you want to get, and learn anything from Coolio’s situation. I think that it would be for those who can recognize and relate. For you to learn, be enlightened, educate self and grow from either mistakes made. And or from whatever offered through his thoughts and experiences. And to share not just his great success, but also his ongoing personal struggles in life “Even while Successful” but also possibly dealing with drug addiction which is what we clearly see a lot of. And then, there’s his Spiritual walk, and some of the stuff that was going on with him when it came to the music industry. Is there more? And I think Coolio would have wanted someone like me to shed some light on this, and in a way that’s like no other. Can U Imagine

R.I.P Coolio and condolences to his family, and closest friends. (Notice) This is in no way an attempt to look down on nor slander Coolio’s name. This is merely from another artist’s point of Spiritual view for educational and awareness purposes just so that it is made very clear, you know how people are when on the internet. Luv N Light

When A Chief Speaks

Source Link ABC 7: Coolio’s cause of death linked to mix of drugs, LA coroner says



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